Windermere Glen Wynne Guest House welcomes new owners

A guest house in the LAKE District has welcomed its new owners who are excited to start building their already successful business.

Glen Wynne Guest House, on Broad Street in Windermere, is owned by Grant Smith and Nick Sargeant who took over the business in March this year.

The owners have taken over the guesthouse from its previous owners, and they also own the White House in Bowness.

Both have their eyes set on future properties they want to add to their portfolio.

Grant said: “We took over in mid-March from the previous owners, two gentlemen named Richard and Robert.

“Our guest house in Bowness, the White House, was launched at the end of January this year.

“We have some plans to further develop our business and move to a new version of a guesthouse where check-in is contactless.

“We’ve found that a lot of people prefer this instead of waiting for hours at reception which is very time consuming.

“The guest house for us has been fantastic since we started here. Nick and I have worked together for six years.

“Before that, we were in the auto business selling cars.

“It was from there that we started renting out holiday caravans and motorhomes, which led to our interest in holiday properties.

“When you book with us we send you a range of things to do in the area. So many times people come to an area and wonder what to do next.

“We recommend boat trips, outings on the lake. We give them restaurants we’ve been to. We give them places to go like walks to do, Levens, Beatrix Potter and Garden World.

“When people arrive, they already know what to do when they come to us because we provide them with everything.

“We still have regulars from our former owners.

“Currently we are converting the owner’s accommodation into a one bedroom apartment so that people can stay where the owners used to live.

“Our plan for this year is to get better and better and get more properties on board.”

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