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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – Airbnb prohibits overnight stays for certain holidays from Wednesday evening. The one that might concern a lot of you right now is New Year’s Eve.

It comes after issues with Airbnb customers escalated across the country. Saint-Louis has even seen its fair share. In May of this year, Airbnbs were rented in downtown St. Louis. These tenants then took possession of a loft, threw their party in the street and caused unrest. Many of these rentals were only booked for one night.

There are new plans to prevent more chaos on Washington Avenue before Memorial Day weekend.

Another Airbnb rental gone bad happened in The Grove neighborhood in August. Neighbors told News 4 that a few women were renting accommodation next to them. The neighbors’ Ring Doorbell camera captured tenants exiting their Airbnb, then exchanging dozens of shots with a passing car. This rental, also reserved for one night. Now, says Airbnb, the rules are changing.

“Ninety-nine percent are great, one percent, you know, you wouldn’t want to host them anymore,” said Greg Elder.

Statistics Show Crime Increased by Over 130% in Working-Class St. Louis City

Plywood covers several windows at City’s Finest headquarters on Gibson Ave. at The Grove. This plywood is only part of the aftermath of the bullet holes of a firefight that occurred last Saturday.

Elder has Airbnb rentals in the Saint-Louis area. He says he diligently checks his guests.

“Why are they coming, why they need the space, who they are bringing with them, what kind of things are they going to do in St. Louis while they’re here,” Elder said.

These are the kinds of questions he asks customers before agreeing to book them. Luckily Elder says he didn’t have any issues, but he also takes his hat off Airbnb’s additional verification process.

Last year, the company implemented a “No Party” policy in all of its units, in several countries. This policy also applies to vacation stays. When the policy was first implemented on New Years Eve, Airbnb data shows it deterred more than 800 bookings in St. Louis alone. They had the same policy in place for Halloween this year.

Miles Maggio, an owner of Metro East Airbnb, told News 4 he was all for the political news.

“I think it’s for the best. I would prefer Airbnb to have this perception of what it was originally intended for, which is good, high quality stays in nice neighborhoods and accommodations,” said Maggio.

Family in Saint-Louis area finds Airbnb listing they booked was fake

A family in Jefferson County, Missouri drove 3 hours to Virginia Beach to find that the house they were renting was in fact rented to someone else.

For the coming New Year, Airbnb is implementing a new policy. The company prohibits overnight stays for guests without a history of positive reviews. For bookings of two nights on New Years Day, an additional check will be put in place by Airbnb to restrict local and last minute bookings by customers without positive reviews.

Local Airbnb owners have a message for those considering renting this vacation season ahead and in the future.

“If you’re having a party, probably the worst thing you can do is book an Airbnb because the minute you break my house rules I’m on the phone with the cops and getting you off my property,” says Elder.

To find out about Airbnb’s new New Years Night Policy, click here.

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