VTrips Acquires Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations and Ryson Vacation Rentals

VTrips acquired two of the most recognizable brands in the vacation rental industry, Custom Deep Creek Vacations in McHenry, Maryland, and Holiday rentals in Galveston, Texas.

According to an internal VTrips memo, all Taylor-Made employees and all but two staff members from Ryson Vacation Rentals in Galveston are joining the Vtrips team: “We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded the VTrips community of 701 properties. and 263 employees! Effective November 1, Ryson Vacation Beach Rentals in Galveston, TX, joined the VTrips family, adding 240 properties and 65 employees. Also, effective December 1, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacation Rentals in McHenry, MD, joined us with 461 properties and 198 employees.

According to VTrips CEO Steve Milo, Taylor-Made founders and owners Jodi Taylor Refosco, Chad Taylor and Joe Refosco all remain in the company and as shareholders of VTrips. Additionally, Milo made it clear that the Taylor-Made name, website, and logo would remain Deep Creek’s trademark.

“We recognize the value of the Taylor-Made name to the entire community,” Milo said. “We are buying the goodwill of the company name and all of the employees who have made Taylor-Made the #1 brand in Deep Creek. The deal only made sense if Jodi Taylor Refosco, Chad Taylor and Joe Refosco remained at the helm of Taylor-Made.

Jodi Taylor Refosco is a pioneer in the vacation rental industry and started in the industry at a very young age when her father Zachary Taylor was co-owner of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations in Deep Creek, which was later acquired by TowneBank.

According to Jodi Refosco, “When we launched Taylor-Made in 2008, I promise you it wasn’t easy. Joe and I had our first child and worked at other jobs to pay the bills. Chad then had two children that he needed to support himself. We did everything from plowing and cutting grass to housekeeping and folding laundry 7 days a week. We were determined to make this business anything my parents would have been proud of.

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