Turkey Leg Hut Cash App Booking Policy Sparks Outrage

She shared a screenshot of the email she received on Twitter and said “Houston, we definitely have a problem.”

Tracie said while she found the filing questionable, it wasn’t the ultimate dealbreaker.

“The problem I have is that I don’t feel comfortable doing business through Cash App,” she said via direct message.

Cash App is one of the few payment apps that have seen an increase in fraudulent scams. Cash app fraud complaints have increased 472% since 2020, according to a report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

His tweet went viral on Wednesday and many weighed in on politics. Many people sided with her, citing Cash App’s use as suspicious and unprofessional compared to other reservation services like Open Table or Resy, which are commonly used by other restaurants.

Others didn’t see the point given the success of the restaurant and the regular long queues on Almeda Road.

“If you’re always packed and someone doesn’t show up for a reservation, just keep someone waiting. It’s a money grab for no reason.” wrote a Twitter user.

Some tweeted that a down payment should be expected given the restaurant’s national appeal and Houston’s seemingly expensive dining scene.

“It’s almost impossible for two people to sit down, with food (and) drinks for less than $100 in Houston,” wrote another Twitter user. “Following these little instructions and submitting a cash application is a much better use of my time than waiting in line for hours.”

Owners say the policy is not new.

“Turkey Leg Hut’s reservation policy has always been in place since they started taking reservations years ago, this is nothing new,” spokeswoman Sherrie Handrinos said. “The deposit goes directly to your bill. There is no formal contract, you simply agree to the terms listed for your specific reservation.”

The amount of the deposit is determined by the size of the group, according to Handrinos. She did not respond to requests for comment on the restaurant’s use of Cash App.

The restaurant sets out a list of reservation policy stipulations on its website, noting that reservation allows customers to have a seat preference but does not guarantee a preferred seat, all parties must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. advance and all reservations will have an 18% service charge on the total bill.

For some customers, the depot debacle was another strike against the restaurant after a new dress code was implemented prohibiting overly revealing clothing, obscene language or baggy clothing, house wear, exposed underwear and bathing suits.

Due to the specific reservation policy, Tracie and her friend decided against it and found another place to eat.

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