TouchBistro launches fully integrated reservation and guest management platform for restaurants

TORONTO AND NEW YORK – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – TouchBistro today announced the launch of TouchBistro reservations, a comprehensive reservation and guest management platform designed to help restaurateurs improve every guest experience. TouchBistro Reservations is fully integrated with TouchBistro POS and provides restaurants with in-depth automatic information about their customer’s behavior that was not previously available to them, such as expense and meal history, beverage and meal preferences. other details that will allow restaurants to better serve their customers. .

Earlier this year, TouchBistro acquired Bookenda, Reso and the assets of YP Dine. These products are relaunched today as TouchBistro Reservations and TouchBistro Dine (, a richer reservation and guest management feature set that integrates seamlessly with TouchBistro’s award-winning point of sale (POS) solution.

“There has never been a real-time connection between an in-room reservation system and an in-room point of sale. While TouchBistro Reservations can be used as a stand-alone application, when integrated with TouchBistro POS, communication is seamless and updates are done in real time, allowing restaurants to deliver a whole new level of service. Said Alex Barrotti, CEO and Founder of TouchBistro.

With reservations and TouchBistro point-of-sale integration, when waiters send orders to the kitchen, food is served and bills are closed, the table status is automatically updated and can be viewed by staff reception, guaranteeing more precise waiting times. Customer spending is also recorded and updated automatically so that the restaurant can better serve its regular and VIP customers with personalized services, such as allergy restrictions, preferred booking time and location, or suggestions for meals or wines based on previous orders to help restaurants turn a first-time guest into a regular.

Restaurants that subscribe to TouchBistro Reservations can accept reservations online through their own website, Google Search and Maps, or through the new TB Dine website or mobile app. The platform can be used to optimize floor plans and track customer status, allowing restaurants to turn more tables. Built-in two-way SMS communication connects restaurants to customers in real time, allowing them to confirm or cancel a reservation, or send a message if they’re going to be late. SMS and email booking reminders and confirmations are also sent automatically to customers to help reduce no-shows.

TouchBistro Reservations subscribers are automatically posted to the TB Dine restaurant discovery app that diners use to find the best restaurants in their area. This gives restaurants using TouchBistro an additional channel to promote their locations without additional booking fees.

“There are many solutions for restaurants with limited interoperability. Managing multiple vendors with different platforms and hardware requirements or dealing with double entry because one system is not communicating with the other is a manual burden for restaurateurs trying to use automation to increase the efficiency of their operations. sites, ”says Barrotti. “TouchBistro addresses this challenge by seamlessly integrating the essential functions and operational data that restaurateurs need into one easy-to-use platform, as we have done with TouchBistro Reservations. ”

“Bookenda, Reso and YP Dine customers already benefit from all the benefits of integration with the TouchBistro point of sale since they have migrated to the TouchBistro reservation platform,” explains Patrick Poirier, Director of Development, Reservations at TouchBistro . “To date, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers who have gone through the transition, as the new platform puts a wealth of customer information at their fingertips, which helps improve customer outcomes. customer relationships that are so important to them. ”

At Wynona, which was named one of Toronto’s best new restaurants of 2019 by Toronto Life, reservations are made by 80 to 90 percent of their customers. Cathy Flynn, General Manager and Sommelier at Wynona, wants to ensure that each of her clients has an exceptional culinary experience. Flynn has used multiple reservation systems at restaurants where she previously worked, and finds that Wynona can provide much more personalized service with customer information instantly available with TouchBistro Reservation and POS integration.

“With the integration, we now really use the order history. With the ability to follow some regulars and see what they have, we can chat with them about their previous orders and make recommendations. From a hospitality standpoint, we love to remember our customers, and having this information at our disposal is invaluable, ”said Flynn. “We have a wonderful couple who are regulars and love to sit at a particular table at a particular time slot. Because we have this reservation history, we are able to systematically offer them their personalized reservation each month. And what’s great is that the information is in the system, so even though I’m not here tomorrow, all of this information is available for other staff to use.

The platform also helped Wynona increase the number of rounds by 33% each night. Flynn explains, “This allows us to stagger booking times in 15-minute intervals and give customers more options to choose from. This has increased the number of rounds because we still have time available and you can spread it out instead of taking all your volume at once like everyone coming to sit down at 7:00 p.m. It also helps us to provide better service as it standardizes the flow in the kitchen, allowing the dishes to be perfectly prepared.

To eliminate no-shows on reservations, Wynona sends automatic confirmation requests from TouchBistro Reservations the day before. “When we see who hasn’t confirmed, I can message through TouchBistro Reservations or call to confirm. Or if the customer is late for their reservation, I can message them to see if they are still coming. It’s very easy to use, ”says Flynn.


TouchBistro reservations are available for purchase from a TouchBistro sales representative by calling 1-855-363-5252 or by visiting to book a demo.

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TouchBistro is an iPad point of sale and integrated payment solution designed for restaurateurs, by restaurateurs – with all the features designed to meet the unique and fast-paced needs of the restaurant industry. TouchBistro has deployed more than 23,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world. It helps restaurant owners run better businesses and makes it easier to run a restaurant. TouchBistro is an award-winning point of sale backed by extensive training and free 24/7 technical support provided by point-of-sale specialists who have also worked in the restaurant industry. With offices in Toronto, New York, Austin, Chicago, London and Mexico City, TouchBistro is a global leader in point of sale and is changing the way restaurateurs run their businesses.

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