The 5 Best TV Shows Right Now: Midnight Mass, Booking Dogs

This week, it was incredibly difficult to pick just five shows, but some really great firsts and finals have proven their worth. And while television is back to its peak status, it’s worth mentioning that Broadway is back, too, baby! The Tony Awards broadcast and concert over the weekend notably showed its all-masked audience … what the Emmys did not controversially do. COVID-19 continues to fight on TV, scripted and live, in puzzling ways.

The rules for Power Rankings are simple: any series currently on television is eligible, whether it’s a comedy, drama, newscast, animated series, or TV show. variety or sporting event. This can be over a network, basic cable, premium channel, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, or whatever you can stream to your smart TV, as long as a new episode has been made available the previous week (see ending Sunday) – or, in the case of programs aired once, it must have aired within the previous four weeks. The voting jury is made up of Dough TV editors and writers with a fairly wide range of tastes.

Honorable mention:
Only the murders in the building (Hulu), Ted lasso (Apple TV +), Fate Patrol (HBO Max), Wrong (Paramount +), Sex education (Netflix), What we do in the shadows (FX)


Network: Netflix
Ranking last week: Not eligible
This week: It’s Prue vs False Prue as this British gem returns for a new season.

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One of the most calming and healthiest TV series returns with its hosts, judges and contestants in a bubble secure against COVID, which once again created an instant and heartwarming camaraderie between them. Although the Great British Pastry Fair (Where Pastry shop to our British friends) may look a little different now that he’s on Channel 4 for the second year instead of the BBC (more surreal hosts and more urgency inside the tent), the joy that the series continues to offer is welcome and familiar. As the bakers come together to prepare their signings, techniques, and shows, they cheer each other on and provide interesting treats and the occasional disaster throughout. With Netflix re-streaming the episodes every week, just days after their UK debut, it also provided another great anti-munchies TV show to set your clocks – never over-cooked or underdone. –Allison keene

Network: Hulu
Ranking last week: Honorable mention
This week: A perfect ending.

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Lottery winner, drug addict former footballer, and grieving family walk into a bar. Well, more like a smoothie bar. Nine Perfect Strangers, the latest collaboration between author Liane Moriarty and Nicole Kidman, is a captivating limited series on Hulu that follows a group of individuals all brought to the beautiful Tranquillum House for a wellness retreat. As they learn more about their cryptic host, Masha (Kidman), and what brought them there, it’s clear that nothing is as peaceful as it seems.

Every guest has come to Tranquillum looking for help, spiritual guidance, or just a good old-fashioned R&R. Francis (Melissa McCarthy) is a novelist seeking inspiration and relaxation after an online relationship turns out to be a scam; Tony (Bobby Cannavale) is struggling with opioid addiction following a sports injury; married couple Jessica (Samara Weaving) and Ben (Melvin Gregg) have lost their spark; Carmel (Regina Hall) is reeling from the family drama and insecurities induced by motherhood; and the Marconi family (Asher Keddie, Michael Shannon and Grace Van Patten) seek to reconnect after a death nearly tears their family apart. The ninth and final guest, Lars (Luke Evans), is the most watched and doesn’t immediately say why he has arrived.

Despite her seemingly bizarre healing methods, Masha really wants to help all visitors to Tranquillum House and thinks she is. Her ideas are weird and fascinating, and encourage guests to look within to finally overcome whatever is holding them back from the happiness that she knows is possible in their entire lives. Once they give in to it completely, the results are empowering and sometimes frightening. Nine Perfect Strangers takes us on the ride – a trippy, intense and exhilarating ride – and like the guests of the Tranquillum House, it’s best that we buckle up and let it go. –Kristen reid [Full Review]

Network: FX on Hulu (included in your Hulu subscription)
Ranking last week: 2
This week: A heartwarming finale that included an ax against a tornado.

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FX has found its niche by telling intimate close-up stories extremely well, and Dogs Reservation is no exception. It focuses on four friends – Bear (D’Pharoah Woon-A-Tai), Elora (Devery Jacobs), Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) and Cheese (Lane Factor) – who accidentally form an unofficial “gang” dubbed the ” reservation”. bandits ”, because of their penchant for light crime. Their hope is to get enough money to travel to California, an ideal always at hand.

The lived-in and slightly surreal comedy is a low-fi exploration of an indigenous Oklahoma community, whose protagonists scramble around the “ground” among other misfits and sundries, and fall into a variety of adventures ranging from the theft of a flea van to a sarcastic and overworked healthcare system. FX touted Dogs Reservation, created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, as revolutionary. In many ways, it is; it has a fully native writers room, for one. But the show makes its boldest statement by not feeling like it’s making a statement at all. It’s an easygoing, rude and funny show, specific and accessible. It is not about children being noble heroes or crime-loving villains; they are just people. But they are also indigenous peoples, who Is means something and is all too rare to see on TV, especially portrayed in such a wonderfully laid-back way.

But more than anything Dogs Reservation is a perfect summer series, which takes place on languid afternoons and moves at a leisurely pace. Children make plans, look for food, go for walks, fight. They don’t talk or act like adults, and they’re not shot down by cynicism. They have hopes and dreams, a love for family, a non-ironic embrace of community, and make a lot of silly mistakes. To say that there is an innocence or even a wholesomeness in Dogs Reservation wouldn’t quite hit the mark on how rude the show can be (it’s ultimately an adult comedy); but like his pellets, he has a good heart. Friends do their best and huddle together, even though they are arguing over their choices. It is this balance that the show gets so right; not too precious nor incredibly vulgar, just the truth with an edge. Or as they would say, “I love you, bitch.” –Allison keene [Full Review]

Network: HBO Max
Ranking last week: Honorable mention
This week: “Don’t worry: on March 13, 2020, your life is about to change!

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The last time we left The two othersThe Dubek clan of, Chase (Case Walker), 14, aka viral pop singing sensation ChaseDreams, had just bombed VMAs and decided to retire from music altogether and go to college. While that choice may have made it seem like the Dubeks would no longer be in the public eye, this news was immediately followed by the end of the season revealing that Matriarch Pat (Molly Shannon) would be hosting her own daytime talk show. . As a result, Brooke (Heléne Yorke) and Cary (Drew Tarver) would continue to remain “The Other Two” of the celebrity family, but in a new and different, embarrassing way.

As this season will have a structure of two episodes per week, each The two others drop will come from a location of Chase and Pat’s current status. But while Brooke and Cary are still the more obvious ‘other two’, this second season works in interesting ways to help them both grow and become full-fledged hits while continuing to emphasize how great they are. both messy.

Plus, the biting humor and wit of the show sticks from the first moment. The amount of jokes in the first 30 seconds of the season premiere, even in on-screen text, is an instant reminder of the density and cleverness of a comedy machine. The two others is. As the show exists in such a realistic, relatable, and recognizable world, all of those comedic moments where it’s slightly askew continue to hit hard, especially when it comes to the celebrity culture these characters find themselves in. But above all, The two others remains positive proof that satire and parody don’t need to come from a difficult place to work, even in – yet – this climate. –LaToya Ferguson [Full Review]

Network: Netflix
Ranking last week: Not eligible
This week: A captivating and exceptional series full of devout beauty and horror.

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At Midnight Mass‘Crockett Island, every islander feels in the throes of misfortune. The recent oil spill almost wiped out the fish supply, causing the island’s local fishing economy to plummet. Their homes are shattering and flaking, neglecting the elements of the ocean. The majority of residents have fled the island for lack of opportunities, leaving some paltry behind them. Only two ferries can take them to the mainland. Hope is lacking and a major storm is looming on the horizon.

Anything beyond that for this seven-episode series is a real spoiler, but what we can say is that even with its dabbles in the supernatural, Midnight Mass (created by The haunting‘s Mike Flanagan, in his most recent collaboration with Netflix), is a show that digs inward rather than outward. With both the physical claustrophobia of Crockett’s set and the internal suffering of the characters placed in the center of the scene, Midnight Mass deals with inner horrors: addictive tendencies, secret stories, and questions of forgiveness and belief. At a glance, it’s a series that exploited Catholic guilt for gold. In another, it’s a measured, yet frightening, approach to group psychology, the need for faith in grief, and the ethics of leadership with such vulnerable followers, weighing whether those impulses represent the human goodness, evil or just nothing at all.

“Happy are those who have not seen and who have believed.” Midnight Mass offers a chance for anyone to doubt Thomas or a true believer. How different is a miracle from a supernatural event, anyway? –Catherine smith [Full Review]

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