Tenants looking for affordable accommodation in the heart of Melbourne can sleep inside new ‘space shuttle pods’

Tenants looking for affordable housing in Melbourne can sleep inside new “space shuttle pods”.

The house at 15 Charles Abbotsford offers single capsule rooms for $250 per week (or $900 per month).

Traditional rooms are also available for $400 per week (or $1,500 per month).

According to owner Frank Chan, “People stay here because they want the flexibility to leave whenever they want, with no minimum stay commitments, no deposits or bills.”

“This could be a solution to Australia’s tight rental market, at least in the short term, while the construction and homebuilding industry catches up,” he said.

The house, located at 15 Charles Abbotsford (pictured), offers single capsule rooms for $250 a week (or $900 a month)

“It’s a great fit for renters who like an affordable place to stay downtown for the night,” Chan added.

The short term accommodation sector has been one of the hardest hit during covid and many have had to close permanently.

“Now, with the borders reopening, there are shortages, so there is upward pressure on prices.”

He hopes that local governments will encourage and approve the installation of more of these modules.

According to the listing, the property is close to Woolworths, ALDI, Chemist Warehouse and North Richmond train station.

There are many restaurants, cafes, and parks nearby, as well as Abbotsford Convent and MCG, both within walking distance.

The board and capsules are fully licensed and can accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

They work with surveyors, property solicitors, the council, the health department, consumer affairs and the BBOA to ensure the home complies with Australia’s building code and fire safety regulations.

The pods are designed to fit a single bed (and can only sleep one person) and come with their own mirror, fan, USB ports, digital control panels, adjustable color reading lights, secure locker, hanger and curtain door. for privacy.

Each private room is approximately 10m² and includes a queen-size bed, a desk and a fan.

A modern kitchen, TV lounge with Netflix, courtyard, rear garden and coin-operated laundry and dryer are among the common amenities.

According to Chan, pods are very popular in Asia and have been around for more than 50 years in Japan, where they are the only affordable housing.

“In Australia we already have hundreds of pods in Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania and potentially Perth.

“But in Melbourne I’m kind of the only one who has these modules and I only have six,” Mr Chan added.

He said that in the short-term market, there were only two general options: a private room (the hotel charges an average of $100 per night) and a bunk bed in a hostel for around $30 per night.

“We are like a hybrid, let’s aim for the market in between.”

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