Stanton House hotel owners reveal plans for ‘accommodation pods’

The new owners of a well-known hotel in Swindon want to build five new ‘accommodation pods’ on its grounds.

They say the plans will help support “more independent and individual accommodation” at the Stanton House hotel.

According to the design and access statement, it results from the closure of the Honda factory in Swindon, which led to the house coming under new ownership.

The hotel is on the edge of Stanton Fitzwarren and is also in a conservation area.

Elements of the hotel are recognized as buildings of interest, but it is not listed.

The architects insist that the development will have no impact on the setting of the village, as well as the preservation of the context of Stanton House, and will have no impact on the main internal or external views of the national park.

They go on to say, “Due to its position and high quality design, the development enhances, provides amenities and services an area primarily used for operational needs.”

The design statement adds: “The new owners are committed to investing significantly in the refurbishment of the hotel to bring all areas up to current market expectations for a hotel in this location.”

It is expected that full investment in the hotel will take a number of years and it is hoped that the introduction of ‘Luxury Accommodation Pods’ will meet a ‘growing need for accommodation diversity’.

Each pod retains a small, partially private garden area where even low planting will provide some privacy and security, with each unit turned away from the neighbor to ensure amenity and no unopposed windows.

They would offer “an independent experience” at the hotel, with a kitchen, dining room, living room, powder room and bedroom.

The guest can also use the pods as self-contained accommodation or use hotel facilities if required.

Pod users will have full access to the hotel, will have level access and will be positioned at the bottom of the natural slope to avoid steps and steep inclines.

The conclusion that the developers say they believe the plans are appropriate for its location and does not negatively impact Stanton Park’s conservation area or open space.

They also say, “It is a ‘balanced development’ that respects social, environmental and economic requirements and provides high quality sustainable design with context and character, layout, form and amenities”.

To view the full plans, click here.

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