Sioux City Homeowners Face 22% Appraisal Increase For Tax Purposes | Local News

SIOUX CITY – Siouxland officials are urging owners of multi-residential homes in Sioux City to appeal their reviews before Monday’s deadline.

Owners of apartment buildings, townhouses, assisted living centers, nursing homes and other multi-residential properties are facing a 22% increase in their assessments for tax purposes under an order issued by the state.

During the board commentary portion of Monday’s city council meeting, Scott said he “did not come out of this meeting very confident” that the state would reverse the increase.

Sioux City assessor John Lawson said he was appealing the Revenue Department’s equalization order, saying it was the “result of an incorrect calculation” in a departmental submission to the fall 2019 which advised appraisers on the correct way to calculate the range of values ​​for multi-residential properties.

“I encourage anyone who owns these types of properties to file your appeal by Monday. Just because it’s going to be a certain amount that you can’t appeal locally,” Scott said. “You have to remember when they total 22%, in some areas of this city property values ​​don’t increase as dramatically as in other areas of the city, so you have to appeal no matter what. You need to get that appeal filed by Monday, so that at least you reserve the right to have a meeting with the city assessor and the council they have overseeing these appeals. “

The 2021 assessments will be used to calculate local property taxes for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, with the first of two payments due in September 2022.

Complaints can be made by mail, in person or by email. All calls must be received no later than Monday or postmarked no later than that date. To facilitate the process, the Sioux City assessor implemented a call-out program.

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