Safely and Party Squasher team up to protect short-term rental property owners before, during and after guest visits

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Companies launch new offering to speed up protection

As the short-term rental industry becomes more professional, the winning formula for property managers is to use the best technology to deliver a quality customer experience while keeping delivery costs low.

—Fred Renard

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 6, 2022 / — BlueZoo Inc., maker of Party Squasher, the first occupancy measurement technology designed expressly for short-term rental properties, recently announced the extension of the SafePro homeowner protection program and welcomed a new guest screening and insurance partner, Safely. Today, Safely and Party Squasher launched an exclusive offer for homeowners to provide protection that’s simple, fast and affordable.

Safely’s insurance covers up to $1,000,000, and their guest screening process includes criminal background checks, data analysis, and tapping into Safely’s database of guests who have violated the rules of the house or damaged properties. Likewise, the Party Squasher system anonymously monitors guest occupancy and alerts property managers when large gatherings and potential parties are brewing.

“While robust guest screening and meaningful insurance coverage are important parts of your protection, bad actors can still slip through the cracks,” said Lui King, COO of Safely. “It is also essential to establish a rigorous follow-up during the stay. We are excited to announce this new promotion with Party Squasher to help property managers protect themselves before, during and after client visits.

“As the short-term rental industry becomes more professional, the winning formula for property managers is to use the best technology to deliver a quality customer experience while keeping delivery costs low,” said Fred Renard. , SVP of Sales at BlueZoo. “Party Squasher sensors are better than expensive monitoring by humans and better than noise monitoring sensors which are easily disabled and are notoriously prone to false alarms. Safely’s use of AI in customer selection and their specialized insurance expertise designed expressly for short-term rentals are exactly the kinds of technologies that property managers are looking for at the heart of this winning formula.

“Screening guests, monitoring your property and establishing an insurance safety net in case the unexpected happens is essential,” said Jennifer Chan, operations manager at Maimon Group, a home rental company. luxury with over 50 properties in Southern California. . “As a user of Party Squasher and Safely it is clear that they provide the best technical solutions and we love that they work together. Even without this new promotion, it makes sense to use both, but with promotion, it really is a no-brainer.

The partnership launches the Party Squasher and Safely Loyalty program with special incentives for customers of both companies.

To learn more about Safely, Party Squasher or the new loyalty program, visit:

About Party Squasher:
Party Squasher products are dedicated to protecting properties, hosts and guests in the short-term rental ecosystem. Party Squasher is a family of products from Wi-Fi innovator BlueZoo Inc, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that provides pedestrian traffic analysis products, including occupancy measurement. BlueZoo’s other product families provide solutions for the insurance, hospitality, advertising and real estate industries. BlueZoo has deployed thousands of sensors at hundreds of customers around the world. BlueZoo is funded by Fusion Fund and its advanced technology is protected by six USPTO patents.

About Security:
Safely is the leading provider of short-term rental protection. With rigorous client screening and comprehensive short-term rental insurance, Safely helps property owners and managers increase revenue, reduce risk and confidently deliver a better client experience. Based in Atlanta, Safely has protected more than $60 billion in owner’s liability on more than one million room nights since its inception.

Frederic Renard
Blue Zoo, Inc.
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