Row of holiday homes being built near Stockton cottage

Plans to create a country holiday rental in the annex of a cottage in Eaglescliffe have been approved despite objections from neighbours.

Members of Stockton Council’s planning committee took less than ten minutes to approve the application for a detached residential property on the plot of North Cottage, Trafford Hill, near Aislaby Road, which required change of use permission .

Seven objections were received from local residents with concerns such as the impact on the amenity of neighboring properties, road safety, anti-social behavior and excessive development of the site.

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It was also feared that it would set a precedent for other vacation rentals in the area.

A report said the proposal, which also included associated parking, was an acceptable form of development and would not negatively impact the character or amenities of the area, or traffic safety.

He said: “The proposal is an existing building, the design of which – apart from some modifications – has been approved under previous applications.

“The proposal would provide tourist accommodation close to services and attractions in Yarm and Eaglescliffe and it is widely recognized that additional overnight accommodation would contribute to the wider economy as a base for visiting facilities and attractions. thereby making a positive contribution to the local economy.”

The report added: ‘It is recognized that a holiday cottage would be introduced to this small, secluded community and accepted that the accommodation would be of a more transient nature as different guests are likely to stay there frequently throughout the year. year.

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“However, overall it would not be a fundamentally different level of activity than would typically be associated with residential housing.”

He also said that while a vacation home may create an increased noise level – and given the separation distances from neighboring properties – the addition of a vacation rental was not considered to have a significant impact. beyond likely disruptions to the host dwelling. , or the current use of the building as a residential annex.

The conditions included in the authorization that was granted included that the owners/operators must maintain an up-to-date register of the names of all the occupants of the accommodation and their principal residence addresses.

Containers would also be needed in the premises for the storage and disposal of food waste and other waste.

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