Resorters of the Year: Boyd Lodge owners in Crosslake take home award

“It really is an honor,” said Mike Schwieters by telephone on Monday, November 15. “It’s such a great organization of fellow resort colleagues that, honestly, it’s an honor to be a part of the group and to be recognized in this way.”

To qualify for recognition, Resorters of the Year must be members in good standing of the Community of Minnesota Resorts within the past three years, have the ability to maintain a thriving and progressive resort, have a history of helping and mentoring other resort owners; and participate in community activities.

Schwieters has been involved in the remedy for many years, according to a press release from the Community of Minnesota Resorts. His maternal grandparents founded the station. In 1966 his grandparents tragically died in a car accident, so Schwieters’ parents moved to the resort to manage it when he was only 3 years old.

Her parents had always planned to take over the complex, but it was just a little earlier than expected.

Growing up, his father told him to go out and explore the world to see if the remedy was what he really wanted to do. So he did.

At the Community of Minnesota Resorts Fall Conference in Duluth October 31-Nov 2, 2021 Mike and Ruth Schweiters of Boyd Lodge in Crosslake were selected as Resorters of the Year.  Contribution / Minnesota Beach Resort Community

At the Community of Minnesota Resorts Fall Conference in Duluth October 31-Nov 2, 2021 Mike and Ruth Schweiters of Boyd Lodge in Crosslake were selected as Resorters of the Year. Contribution / Minnesota Beach Resort Community

During this time, the complex was sold. The new owners have made some major changes. The original cabins were removed and 17 townhouses were built, some in fractional ownership. These owners lost the complex.

In 2010, Mike and Ruth’s life was very different. They moved into the complex and started to reorganize it. They bought back as many townhouses as they could and added more units. To date, there are 24 cabins. They are also planning to add eight more units across the road.

They like many aspects of the remedy. Ruth really enjoys it when guests return year after year and they become like family. They love to take kids out. She says it’s great to see kids fishing with their parents etc and they love to be a part of it.

They both enjoy interacting with guests. They are active in their lodge and their activities. Mike and Ruth are always on the lookout for ways to improve their resort.

They know their customers appreciate their resort too. For example, when a long-time guest dies, he’s not surprised at the number of photos on display that are taken at his resort. They said it warmed their hearts.

Mike is a member of the board of directors of the Brainerd Lakes Chamber, sits on the board of directors of the Crosslake Chamber, is vice-president of the Whitefish Area Lodging Association and serves on two scholarship boards.

“One thing I really believe in is getting involved in your community,” Mike said over the phone. “That, for me, is really an important aspect. Being a member of the board of directors of the chamber as well as involved in the Whitefish Area Lodging Association and the Crosslake Chamber, the Crosslakers group… I think you have to be involved in your community where you live. You have to give back to that, especially in the tourism industry in which we are. because we’re really in the same boat. “

Mike and Ruth are very involved and work well as a team. Mike admitted that without Ruth’s full support he couldn’t have been involved in so many great organizations and efforts.

They sponsor many events in the region. They were part of the work of the Crosslakers which led to the creation of the National Loon Center in Crosslake. They also offer their resort as a location for many causes. For example, they donated rooms and a boat when researchers were on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes banding loons.

CMR also recognizes them for their support to other resort owners. In particular, they provide advice on fractional ownership and financing. They offered their resort for RMC functions. Additionally, Mike served as CMR’s Vice President and, in November, became Chairman of the Board.

Mike has also been the voice of the area’s resorts, presenting tourism-related topics to the state legislature.

Asked about the challenges they see in the years to come, they said COVID-19 is in the foreground. There are still unknowns. They are confident that the industry will do well. Regulations are constantly changing and vacationers need to follow and be careful. That’s why Mike is involved in the RMC Legislative Committee. Laws and taxes are always constant battles.

Nominations for the annual award are reviewed by a committee of the three previous winners. This year the committee was made up of Jim and Kristin Wherley; Clint and Patty Mueller; and Tim and Karen Senger. They said it was not an easy choice this year because all the participants deserved it.

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