Reform and housing – Weißenkirchen: Police organized aid for Ukrainian refugees

On Tuesday afternoon, police inspection staff from Weißenkirchen in Wachau noticed a badly damaged car with a Ukrainian license plate on the B3 in the Wösendorf area. As the Lower Austrian State Police Command (LPD) reported on Thursday, “the windshield of the car was cracked and the rear windows and the rear window were covered with plastic film.” Officers stopped the car in Spitz.

The 30-year-old Ukrainian driver, his wife and parents fled Mariupol by car on May 14 via Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. As a travel destination, people referred to the domicile of their acquaintances in Italy. As police said on their show, the car had multiple bullet holes and shrapnel. The police could not allow the vehicle to continue its journey and the necessary repairs were beyond the family’s financial means.

Weißenkirchner police contacted Birngruber Krems. Their branch manager, Benjamin Brown, agreed to repair the damaged car free of charge. The mayor of Weißenkirchen, Christian Geppner, has also been contacted. He arranged accommodation and meals for the night at the guest house of his mother, Inge, in Spitz.

The family of four and their dogs had only a small amount of money. According to the police, since their flight, they have slept in car parks or in refugee houses. After the repairs, they were able to continue their journey to Italy on Wednesday without incurring any costs.

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