Recruitment crisis: why accommodation has become the key to finding hotel staff

Lake District businesses face a recruitment crisis find that they need to provide housing to attract staff.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned how the shortage of hospitality workers affects businesses in the Lake District – and it’s a problem in other parts of the region as well.

And with the number of people looking for hospitality jobs so low right now, companies need to offer other incentives like transportation and perks.

The Gilpin hotel and the lake house Credit: ITV border

Josip Malovic, who works as a waiter at the Gilpin Hotel & Lake House near Windermere, told ITV Border: “Obviously everyone is looking at the salary, the working time, this accommodation for the staff. you, that’s a huge advantage and that’s basically why you will decide if I take a job or not.If there is no staff accommodation, I don’t think I would ever come here.

Gilpin chief executive Barney Cunliffe said he had to buy a local guesthouse to turn it into staff accommodation.

The Gilpin Hotel purchased this guesthouse to help accommodate its staff Credit: ITV border

He said: “There is no housing, that’s the main thing. And at one point I had about ten applicants who had accepted the job but couldn’t join us if they didn’t have a place to live and I literally had to turn to go to our bank. and say, “guys, I have to buy housing.” It’s post Covid, they’re all a little cautious, they said, ‘Well you know we don’t want to lend you any more money’ and two / three weeks later I called them and told them : ‘Listen, if you don’t, I won’t be able to recruit these people, in which case I’m going to have to start closing restaurants or closing rooms. Which one do you prefer?

“They agreed that it was a good policy and there we went to buy another B&B. The old B & Bs are working fine as they all have en-suite bathrooms and lots of public spaces so some of them have been converted to pool halls, some of them to table tennis halls, we put an Xbox in one, so they really become a family unit, so on top of recruiting we actually get better retention. “

Gilpin staff have a gym membership, access to £ 1 of meals and only need to pay £ 200 in rent per month. The hotel also pays to transport them to work.

But even with all of these perks, local businesses say they are still hardly find staff.

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