Prince Albert Business Owners Thank Customers and Staff for ABEX Award Win

Corinne and Lee Penner after Pet Planet was announced as the 2022 winner of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce’s ABEX Service Award — Pet Planet Prince Albert/Facebook

The owner of a local pet store said it was both surprising and humbling to receive a provincial business award and credited the store’s success to his customers and staff for their innovation and feedback over the years. last seven years.

“It wasn’t really planned, but we’re very proud of our accomplishments,” said Lee Penner, owner of Prince Albert Pet Planet. “We are very proud of our staff and our customers, who have stood by us and helped us. »

Penner said they wouldn’t be where they are now without their staff, past and present.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to our customers and especially our staff, and all the work they’ve done over the years,” Penner said. “They contributed so much to where we are today with customer service levels.”

Penner said training is a huge part of what makes Pet Planet so successful. Not only do he and his wife, Corinne, conduct personal training for staff on small animal nutrition, but staff also learn through online courses and have even been sent to hear from guest speakers in the past.

Penner explained that not only are his staff continuously undergoing training, but Corinne and himself as well.

“We’re on the product committee for all the stores in Canada, so we actually help select new products that come in, which really helps us understand what customers want, what’s trending in the industry. We review every product down to every ingredient, so every food product, every item, is actually analyzed and reviewed every year,” Penner said. “It takes a long time, but it’s those kinds of commitments and those little extras that make the big difference for us.”

Pet Planet received the Service Award at the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Achieving Business Excellence (ABEX) Awards at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon on Nov. 5.

“The number of entries received for this year’s ABEX Awards has been amazing. We are proud to celebrate so many business successes in Saskatchewan,” said Prabha Ramaswamy, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

The ABEX awards are the province’s oldest corporate awards program. They celebrate the success of Saskatchewan businesses and recognize the achievements of the private sector. This year marked the first in-person ceremony since 2019.

Pet Planet was also recently named Business of the Year at the 2021 Samuel McLeod Awards in April, and also received the Business Transformation Award in recognition of its renovations and upgrades completed in 2021.


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