Over a hundred approved visitor accommodation units for Dead Man’s Flats

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After receiving second and third reading on (February 8), the Development Permit Application for the 107-unit visitor accommodation development called Sparrowhawk Lodge Condominium has been approved by the Chief Executive of the Municipal Planning Commission of Bighorn on February 16.

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Janice Thompson, development officer with the MD of Bighorn, confirmed that the 107 visitor accommodation units on offer will be used for short-term visitor rental only and that long-term rental is prohibited.

“The units will include a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, plus 2 commercial retail units on the main front part of the development; as in the size indicated in the decision (262.5 m2 in total). There is a slight height discrepancy for only parts of the building roofs,” Thompson said.

She said no flexible accommodation units were offered and no long-term residences were allowed.

The proposed development will be located at 200 Second Avenue at Dead Man’s Flats.

All construction related to visitor accommodation and retail will be National Building Code compliant and building permits will need to be obtained for this development as required.

“The whole construction is for visitor accommodation units, two retail spaces and communal amenities: swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor amenity areas. There is a mix of underground and above ground parking No staff housing or other development proposed or approved at this time,” Thompson explained.

According to a copy of the interim decision, registered owners and the condominium corporation as an entity must ensure that a centralized guest register is kept and maintained for all units and guests staying at the resort; such log being reasonably accessible to the MD of Bighorn for inspection, and to any emergency services personnel who may attend the site.

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The Guest Register must be provided to the MD of Bighorn for the purpose of confirming compliance with the MD Land Use Regulations and this Development Permit.

The guest register must contain the names of the guests, the license plate number of each guest vehicle and the dates of occupancy of the visitor accommodation unit. There must be sufficient data retained for a minimum period of two years to demonstrate compliance with applicable Bighorn Land Use Regulations, including but not limited to short stay compliance and the lack of permanent residence accommodation units.

There shall be a quarterly audit of the Sparrowhawk Lodge Condominium Board registration system to ensure compliance with the conditions of the issued permit, and such audit shall be conducted for a period of two years from the date of issuance of such permit.

No further development, expansion or change of use is permitted unless approved by the MD of Bighorn.

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