Oregon Treehouse Rentals: The 11 Best on Airbnb

Treehouses are cool. It’s just a fact. And an excuse to spend a night in one? Well, that suits us perfectly.

Add in Oregon’s scenic coastline, epic national parks, prominent mountains with world-class ski runs, serene hiking and horseback riding trails in every direction, and welcoming small towns, and you’ve got nowhere. no excuse not to visit one of Oregon’s Top 11 Treehouses. Especially when you take a closer look at the evolution of treehouses in recent years, they are no longer those basic structures you used to build in your garden when you were a child. They have become so much more. Today, saying that we are going to spend the night in a treehouse has taken on a whole new meaning.

With touches ranging from modern to rustic, from being perched by a lake to nestled atop a mountain, sleeping two to six, with a sauna, fire pit, hot tub or zip line, few no matter what you thought a tree house could or should look like, the reality is that they are so much better than you could ever even imagine. And it’s not just in Oregon where sleeping in trees has taken off. We think these treehouse vacation rentals across the United States are great too. (If you’d rather stay in the northwest, check out these Washington treehouse vacation rentals.)

But, all of this makes us wonder, what is it like sleeping in the trees that makes our adventurous hearts beat?

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