Online Travel Update: Vrbo Gets Creative in Addressing Shortage of Vacation Rentals; Creates Financial Technology Company to Improve Payment Platform; Tensions Rise Between Southwest Airlines And Discounter On Skiplaged Flights | Foster Garvey PC Deepen Payments
(“ aims to eliminate payment frictions through creation of fintech unit,” July 8, 2021 via Phocus Wire)
Apparently,’s much-promoted easy payments platform may just be the start of the company’s payment aspirations. recently announced plans to launch an independent fintech company to develop new products and services to help address the perceived challenges with cross-border and inter-currency transactions, while at the same time creating potential new revenue streams. for

Tensions mount over access and use of Southwest Airlines fares and timetables
(“Flight Discounter Skiplagged asks Federal Court to tell Southwest Airlines to back off,” July 3, 2021 via Skift) (subscription may be required)
For some time now, Southwest Airlines has been the gold standard for travel agencies wishing to protect the essential content of their products and services (fares, timetables, etc.) against unauthorized use by third party distributors (in particular, in the leisure segment). Recently, Skiplagged, the online platform that offers travelers discounted fares through the use of “hidden cities” routes, decided to fight Southwest’s efforts by targeting the discounter. In its recent lawsuit in federal court against Southwest Airlines, Skiplagged asks the court to declare that it is not subject to Southwest’s terms and conditions, which, among other things, prohibit the scraping of content (e.g., fares, schedules, etc.) on the Sud-Ouest website. According to Skiplagged, it does not retrieve the airline’s website and obtains valuable content from other third-party sources (although it has failed to identify them). Interestingly, travelers who wish to purchase one of these “hidden cities” routes from Skiplagged are directed to to make the reservation. Earlier this year, Southwest filed a lawsuit against for similar unauthorized use of Southwest’s fares and schedules. We will continue to monitor this litigation.

Other news:

American Airlines sues Saber over tariff display
July 7, 2021 via Phocus Wire
American Airlines has asked a Texas court to prevent Saber from using its New Airline Storefront (NAS) display in global distribution system search results. The carrier alleges that the new display interface, which Saber designed with help from Delta, skews search results towards Delta in violation of Saber’s contract with American.

The Wrap: Tripadvisor unveils new app, Travelport signs free content deal with Emirates
July 7, 2021 via WIT
Tripadvisor launched an updated mobile app for iOS and Android users in time for the rebound in worldwide travel. The new app gives users access to travel tips and advice, including traveler reviews and recommended places.

Tripadvisor and CitizenM to make subscriptions work for travel – Econsultancy
July 5, 2021 via Hotel News Resource
Over the past two years, there has been increased interest in the idea of ​​travel subscriptions, with Skift naming subscription travel one of its travel megatrends for 2020, calling it the “next frontier of loyalty.”

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