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Purpose of the VVPOA

The Verde Village Owners Association was created and incorporated in 1972 with the following purpose and objectives:

• Promote good neighborly and community relations

• Inform members and others on matters of common interest

• Manage and maintain the common property of the VVPOA on behalf of all members and the residence

• Represent members on matters of community interest

• ET to enforce each unit’s covenants and provide development guidelines.

The covenants were to be reviewed and renewed every twenty-five years and this continued until early 2020 when they expired for Units #1 and #2 and will continue to expire for Units remaining units over the next few years. Since the VVPOA has not had the ability to enforce covenants for the past few years, the onus is on Yavapai County. The VVPOA collects no fees from properties in the villages and membership is entirely voluntary.

While the VVPOA’s past accomplishments have helped make Verde Village a great place to live, as evidenced by the continued growth in residential construction and corresponding increase in property values, the association’s work continues. and each year brings new challenges. This effort requires both human and financial resources of considerable magnitude.

The day-to-day affairs of the VVPOA are conducted by the Officers and Board of Directors elected by and from among the members of the VVPOA. These individuals serve in an unpaid volunteer role. Many homeowners do not live in the state and therefore are not available to serve on committees or help with fundraisers, this is the responsibility of local residents. Many of these residents choose not to pay an annual membership or to volunteer to help.

The financial resources needed to achieve the objectives of the VVPOA seem to be as difficult to acquire as voluntary services. Paid membership is the largest and most reliable source of the level of funding and budgeting essential to achieving the goals of the VVPOA.

As a resident of Verde Villages, you are in a unique position to enhance the stability and value growth of your real estate investment through your VVPOA membership and, where possible, active participation in the VVPOA.

We are currently looking for paid members to help form a nominating committee to elect the president and new board members for 2023. If you would like to help maintain the VVPOA as a viable community association, please call 928 -646-6505 and leave a message. You can find more information about our association on


The VVPOA will kick off the 2022 pool season on May 30 from noon to 5 p.m. with music, dancing, swimming and a BBQ. Swimming is free. BBQ is $7 for hot dogs/burgers and salads and fries. Ice cream and drinks will be available for purchase. Welcome everyone. The swimming pool will be open all season from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Discounts will be available for VVPOA members.


Last month, the VVPOA hosted a concert by Tommy “Rocks” Anderson, our local acoustic guitar musician, Verde Village resident, Jerome shop owner and nationally recognized ukulele artist. The audience enjoyed the music and stories with Tommy and guest artist Tori Marshall.

In June, the VVPOA is delighted to host a dinner/dance featuring Hālau Hula Nāpuaokaleiʻilima with Hula Master, Kehau Chrisman.

After a Hawaiian-themed dinner, guests can enjoy the beautiful music and graceful dances of Hawaiian culture with explanations and translations of each dance. Look for more information for our June 24 event on our website

And from our local author Paul Coleman, here is the first part of the early history of the villages of Verde:


Hi friends, I’m the Verde Village Time Traveler. Now that’s a big mouthful to say, so my friends just call me TT In the coming months, I want to tell all about the history of Verde Village and our neighbors.

It’s 1969. What we call Verde Village was just a big void. The Queen Creek Land and Cattle Company purchased the land and agreed to develop 4,500 lots, of course to build and sell homes.

Now let’s move on to 1976, the first year of our journal, the Verde Village Roundup. The Community Center, Ranch House and Pool opened under the leadership of our first President, Hap Hubble and a select Board of Directors. Dances, dinners and pretty rowdy square dancing were celebrated throughout the year. The Verde Village Swim Club was established and later that year Marjorie Sperry was crowned 1st Queen Neptune. All this fun for the paltry sum of $10 a year for membership.

In the good old United States, 1976 was the first year of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, winning election over incumbent Gerald Ford. The country was still healing from the wounds of the Vietnam War, the shame of Richard Nixon’s presidency and the disgrace of the Watergate scandal.

Residents of Cottonwood and Verde Village needed a regular place to escape the bustle of the country and party. Verde Village Community Center was the place to go.

Take it from TT, the parties were a real hootenanny!

In the country, the price of gasoline was 59 cents a gallon and a gallon of milk $1.68. It cost $2.75 to see a move and popcorn was $1 a bucket. The cost of the hottest car on the road, the Ford Pinto, was $2,985. The average household income was $16,500 and a new home cost $43,000.

American families gathered around their televisions to watch the No. 1 Happy Days show, followed by Laverne and Shirley. The hottest movie of the year was All the President’s Men, telling the story of the attempted Watergate scandal cover-up. The No. 1 popular song of the year was Swedish band ABBA’s Dancing Queen and the top country chart song was CW McCall’s Convoy, who could forget this musical gem. A personal favorite of your TT friend

As the 70s progressed, men’s hairstyles continued to be worn longer and dress styles became more extravagant. Verde Village continued to expand with more and more houses being built. In 1979, a proposal was drawn up to add 20 houses, a property for 20 mobile homes and an eight-unit apartment building.

The Ranch House continued to be the center of activity with even more dances and dinners, pool parties, quilting parties and the new Riders Club for horse lovers. And, watch out guys, a women’s club.

Well friends, that’s all for now. It’s your time-traveling friend, TT wishing you happy hiking until next month when we step into the 1980s.


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