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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — On Friday, two new ordinances take effect in Scottsdale and impact short-term rental properties. “What the city has passed is giving police the ability to write a citation related to these nuisance parties, similar to a traffic citation. It’s a civil offense,” the official said. Sgt. Kevin Quon with the Scottsdale Police Department.

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Deputy City Manager Brent Stockwell said Scottsdale has started to see more short-term rentals since 2016, and that’s led to more nuisance calls. “There is only a certain threshold you could reach when there is noise or allowing illegal activity on your property, which could lead to a police officer knocking on your door and asking you to close it,” said said Stockwell.

Between October 2019 and the end of November 2021, Stockwell says police received more than 2,000 calls for service at those homes alone.

Between October 2019 and the end of November 2021, Stockwell says police received more than 2,000 calls for service at those homes alone. “A lot of the short term rentals or calls we go to, they’re in the neighborhoods. So you have a curfew around 10 a.m. so we tend to get calls after that because it’s a neighborhood” , added Sgt. That we.

Now the party host and owner could face fines if the police receive a call for duty from a nuisance party. For the person running the party, their first offense will be a $250 tax. “For the landlord, the fines start at a higher level. I think they start at $750 for a landlord who knowingly allows a party to be held on their property,” Stockwell explained.

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According to officer Aaron Bolin, authorities were called to a house near Hayden Roads and the Indian School around 2:50 a.m.

Stockwell also said repeat offenders could face fines of between $10,000 and $20,000. “Our hope is that we won’t have to issue any fines at all. We hope that people who come to Scottsdale will have a good time and that they will treat the house and their neighborhood in which they are staying as they would them own house,” Stockwell said.

Landlords managing a short-term rental will also need to register with the city to provide emergency contact information. The emergency contact should report to the facility within one hour of the police call. If they don’t show up, they will be fined $500. If they don’t register at all, they will be fined $1,000.

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sergeant. Quon said it all comes down to being a good neighbor when you visit. “Be quiet, be a respectful neighbor like you would if you were at home. That’s kind of what we’re looking for. Enjoy our nightlife, enjoy everything during the day, then get out and go to sleep,” said Sgt. What said. For more information, click/tap here.

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