MPs, MPs not owners but civil servants, reprimands Vishwanath

“We seek votes to serve people, not to govern”

MysoreMysuru: Join the debate on the Piped Natural Gas project, BJP MLC A.H. Vishwanath today chastised MPs and his party’s MP and said: ‘MPs and MPs are not the owners of their respective constituencies and they are not leaders. Rather, they are public servants and they have been chosen to serve the people with humility,” he said.

Speaking to reporters at the Jaladarshini Guest House this morning, the MLC, notorious for its acerbic language, said: ‘When you seek votes, you humbly ask people for a chance to serve and not rule. You have to give up this attitude of arrogance,” he said.

Aiming at MP Pratap Simha, Vishwanath said the piped gas project is not the MP’s project. “This is a user-friendly project initiated by the Center and has been quietly implemented in many cities and people are benefiting from it. It is only in Mysuru that there are public squabbles between the rulers over trivial matters. Our own party leaders oppose this ambitious project and this decision is unfortunate,” he said.

“On the contrary, elected representatives – from the Society to Parliament – must quickly implement the project instead of washing the dirty laundry in public,” he advised.

Training guns on MLA Nagendra and SA Ramdas for opposing the project using a road-digging alibi, Vishwanath said: “In the past when you were corporations and even MPs you allowed the road digging by many telecom companies and JUSCO. Why were you silent then and what shut your mouth? When JUSCO abandoned the 24×7 drinking water project, why didn’t you raise your voice? Why was the company released without penalty? »

Regarding the current road digging enterprise, the MLC said that there are funds in the MCC and the government to restore the roads. “The deputies have enough experience in managing the affairs of the Society. Even when JUSCO left the project, all damaged roads were repaired by MCC later. Do you ignore this fact? Why is there a hustle and bustle now,” he questioned.

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