Most Isolated Vacation Rentals in the United States (Updated September 2021)


FAQ: Remote vacation spots

How do I find remote rentals near me?

Most of the secluded cabins and vacation rentals are located in the midst of forests, deserts, forests and national parks. They balance the feeling of remoteness with vehicle access to shops and gas stations, etc., within a radius of around 30 minutes by car. This may mean that it is close to a town or village, but we have sought out properties that are largely on their own land for a strong sense of seclusion.

Look for places like Airbnb, TurnKey, and Vrbo in small towns and remote areas well outside of big cities. The best way to do this is to select an area and then search for listings by map view.

What kind of facilities do detached houses have?

Remote vacation rental facilities vary – some have free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning, while others are more like an elevated campsite with shared bathrooms and showers.

We’ve included a wide selection because people have different levels of off-grid that they want.

Many detached homes are located in delicate surroundings, so be sure to check the listing carefully when you book. Hosts will have listed specific requirements, for example, whether you can cook outside, and you may incur additional charges if you violate these rules.

What should i take with me?

Check out the more detailed listings via links to the property pages and see what hosts suggest, especially if they provide linens, towels, and kitchenware.

Where can Americans travel right now?

The CDC recently said that people who have been vaccinated can travel safely to the United States. However, there are some countries where Americans can travel without restrictive entry requirements.

Are vacation rentals safe?

If you’re wondering if vacation rentals like Airbnbs are safe, we’ve spoken to experts who have said that staying in a private vacation rental, as opposed to a hotel, can actually be one of the travel options. safest, because reserving an entire house eliminates interactions with hosts or other guests.

Airbnb also has new cleaning policies and procedures in place, which all hosts must follow.


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