Man’s trip to Disney World is ruined as his ex secretly deletes his reservation

A man learned the hard way never to leave your Disney account connected to your ex.

In a thread on the Walt Disney World Reddit, user @Solo-Is-Simpler shared his story of how his ex-girlfriend managed to cut part of his trip to the most magical place on Earth. after their “less than amicable” split. .

“So my ex and I had annual passes for a few years and we just renewed them. We unfortunately decided to go our separate ways and it got quite toxic and less than friendly. Is it possible to separate my pass from our account? As I don’t I don’t want mine associated with hers anymore,” he began his post.

The man explained that he made reservations for Walt Disney World’s four theme parks in Orlando, Florida – Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom – using the My Disney Experience app, which is required to enter any park.

However, once he landed in Orlando and checked into his hotel, he discovered his ex-girlfriend’s betrayal.

“[I] I drove all the way to Florida and she woke up early on my first day in the park and canceled my reservations. So I would like to avoid that happening again,” he continued.

Reddit users were outraged by her not-so-magical story.

In the comments, a user suggested that he call guest services and in the meantime try to kick him out of the account by changing the password. However, the man explained that it was all related to the ex’s email.

Another user told him to keep receipts of bookings and any changes to them in case it turns into a legal battle.

Either way, we have a feeling no amount of pixie dust will make the ex-couple’s situation any less toxic.

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