Maharashtra to provide 1% reservation to orphans from government jobs and education | Bombay News

The government of Maharashtra has decided to give a 1% reserve to orphans from government jobs and education. The decision was approved at the state cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The policy was first formulated in 2018, but could not be implemented due to technical difficulties that were lifted, said state minister for women and child development , Yashomati Thakur.

She also said the state will provide jobs for all applicants who take exams for government jobs but cannot get it due to delayed results. “Anyone who sat for the exams but was able to get them due to a delay in reporting the results will now be housed in government jobs,” Thakur told reporters at the Sahyadri guesthouse after the cabinet meeting.

In the revised policy, the state government has divided orphans into three categories: A, B and C. The first two categories are eligible for reservation in government jobs and educational programs while those in the third category are not eligible for reservation. will be eligible only for educational programs, officials mentioned.

The 1% reservation for orphans will be provided based on the total number of positions in jobs and number of places in admissions. Criteria such as age, diplomas, etc. to become eligible under the policy are similar to the existing standards determined for the listed caste category, a senior official in the women’s and children’s development department said.

“The state was struggling to provide the same benefits to all kinds of orphans, and therefore made the desired changes, making this possible,” said another senior official, wishing to remain anonymous.

According to the revised policy, orphans who have no idea of ​​their parents, siblings, family members, village, address, etc. will fall into the first category (A). Those who have lost their parents, and whose documents do not mention their caste or those who do not have a caste certificate, and orphans raised in orphanages will fall into the second category (B). Those who lost their parents before adulthood and were raised by relatives and have details of their caste will fall into the latter category (C).

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