Kaua’i vacation rentals bounce back

LIHU’E – Annual visitor demand for vacation rental units in Kaua’i soared in September.

A new report from the Hawai’i Tourism Authority shows demand, although down from the summer peak, stood at 53,346 overnight stays last month. This is up 1,424.2% compared to September 2020, when 3,500 unit nights were recorded, but still down 42.5% compared to September 2019.

The total number of vacation rentals in Kaua’i, which include homes, condominiums, and private or shared rooms or spaces in private homes, has also jumped in the past year. The HTA report lists a current island-wide supply of 86,978 units, an annual increase of nearly 25,000, or 40%.

Vacation rentals also generate more money. Last month, the average daily rate for a local unit was $ 314.60, about $ 42 more than last September. This means that Kaua’i vacation rentals remain on average among the most expensive in the state. Only units in West Maui have a slightly higher ADR.

The HTA’s Kaua’i statistics reflect trends that go beyond the island. During the year, increases in supply, demand, occupancy and ADR occurred statewide in the past month.

“However, compared to September 2019… the supply, demand and occupancy of vacation rentals were down,” HTA reported.

JP Parrish of Parrish Kaua’i said his own experience “is roughly in line” with the HTA findings, although his business is doing better than before the pandemic.

“I can say that our months of August, September, October, and it looks like November, will definitely be our best ever for the business,” Parrish said in a recent interview.

Parrish Kaua’i’s bookings in 2022 are already off the charts compared to 2019, according to Parrish, but he’s not quite ready to guarantee a bright future.

“It’s a cliché now to say, ‘Hesitant optimism,’” Parrish explained. “The stuff in all of this, as we saw in March 2020, can go haywire. So, assuming we stay on that trajectory when it comes to everything under control, who gets vaccinated and the variants that change the game for us, I’m optimistic for 2022, that’s for sure. “

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