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  • Specialty hotel company running reservation services for the Kinross hotel as it completes major £ 100,000 refurbishment and market repositioning under Amity Hospitality leadership

In a major new contract win, The Accommodation Services Trading Company, a specialty firm that provides ‘one-stop-shop’ services to hotel owners and investors designed to maximize their revenue streams, announced that it now operates reservation services for The Green Hotel in Kinross.

Coming from the Fusion Group of Companies, which operates its own portfolio of hotels and runs a meeting and event company, Accommodation Services lists corporate restructuring as another help desk, while also covering tasks more maintenance and landscaping practices, protection of property and safety and utilities and hospitality supply.

The 46-room Green Hotel, which has been run by Amity Hospitality since 2019, has already recorded an additional £ 30,000 in bookings over the past month, thanks to the integration of accommodation services.

Green Hotel’s new managing director Garry Wood, who recently joined Amity Hospitality after nine years at Crieff Hydro, described the many perks the hotel is currently experiencing and gave details of the £ 50,000 refurbishment underway since the last lockdown, with more work to be completed: “We are delighted with the results of Hosting Services. We are capturing more business, calls are answered directly from the experienced hosting services team, and with the freeing up of this time we have been able to redeploy a number of staff to other tasks within within the company.

“Plus, we get a call log so that we can look at where requests – and reservations – are coming from,” said Garry, who noted that although he was not with the team that for a short time he could already see what a difference the new service was making, “not just financially, but in terms of efficiency”.

“The customer experience is now professional from the first contact, with my front desk team able to focus on improving the customer experience during their stay,” he said. “We have recruited, including the appointment of a new housekeeper, and have realistic plans to go from three stars to four. Everything is playing its part to achieve this goal.

During the lockdown, the hotel, which sees the vast majority of its guests coming from Edinburgh and Glasgow, was busy refreshing many of its public spaces and began decorating a number of its rooms, a task that is still in progress.

“The hotel is one of the best known in the area,” said Garry, who also spent time in the management of Rusacks in St Andrews. “We are unique in that we can pack 36 holes of golf at the time of booking. If you stay with us for two nights you get three tours. This is a fantastic USP, and therefore the owners of the hotel want to invest right now to improve the hotel during this top vacation year. £ 20,000 was spent in the lounge, another £ 15,000 at the bar and £ 8,000 at reception. Everything looks really good, with great reviews from guests in our local market who use the hotel for dining and socializing. Another £ 50,000 still needs to be spent on re-carpeting throughout the hotel, as well as completing the refurbishment of the rooms.

“Now that the English schools are on vacation, we also welcome guests from the south,” Garry concluded.

Nick Kourie, Director of Operations at Amity Hospitality, cited the importance of the food and beverage market right now: beverage we serve, and connecting with the many excellent local suppliers we have in the area. – it’s still a huge driver of hospitality at the moment. We keep in touch with the captains of our local golf clubs to find out what type of events and new features they would like to see introduced at The Green. The hotel is a real center of the local community and we want it to stay that way.

“Overall it’s still a tough time for the hospitality industry, but we are looking ahead with the right team of people in place, including accommodation services, to move us forward. We would gladly recommend them to other hotels as their expertise at that time was invaluable. They integrated into our systems in no time and will continue to serve us in the months to come, ”said Nick.

Commenting on the relationship with Amity Hospitality at Green Hotel, Alex McKie, Managing Director of Fusion Group said: “We are delighted to have won this important contract with one of Kinross’ most iconic hotels, and that it has paid off so quickly. The accommodation services were created from our direct experience of running several hospitality businesses and our knowledge of what is needed to increase revenue. We may report to a management company, such as Amity, or deal directly with owners who may also wish to free up time and focus on other matters. The goal is always the same: to deliver measurable results.

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