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According to the Mersmans, she even had models made of decorative wood pieces, corbels and balusters inside and out so that they could be replicated to maintain the integrity of the design. The Mersmans approach their home with the same respect the previous owners had for this home, whose surprisingly modern appearance belies its age.

“We painted my office and the guest room. We had to do electrical work. The light fixtures were fine, but we figured antique pieces appropriate to his day would fit better in the home, ”said Doug. They turned to Jon Paul Antiques and Collectibles to create 1920s-style lighting for the home.

From the large crystal chandelier hanging above the dining room table to the elaborately carved figurative wall sconce in Doug’s office, the pieces the Mersmans chose with Jon Paul add cachet to every room.

Les Mersmans have incorporated antique, modern, heirloom and bespoke accent furniture throughout the home to create formal and informal spaces. “Our favorite room for spending time with the dogs is probably downstairs by the fireplace, especially in winter; when it’s cold we make a ton of fires, ”says Doug.

Their dogs, three Labs, drove a change at home. The couple added an outdoor patio. “The dogs pretty much tore up part of the lawn so we decided to pave part of it. We have seats there and a fire pit, and we love that the dogs can run around the fenced yard, ”says Doug.

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