Gurugram: Guest house owners want policy adjustment, go to DTCP | News from Gurgaon

GURUGRAM: Fearing measures against illegal guesthouses across town, a group of guesthouse owners met with the director of the Department of Land Use Planning (DTCP) on Tuesday and appealed for inclusion small plots in the “guest house” category.
In accordance with recent guesthouse policy, the minimum plot size required for the establishment of a guesthouse in residential areas is 500 square meters. The new regulations require that the plots be located on sector roads with a service road. Members of the Guest House Policy Amendment Forum who met with DTCP chief KM Pandurang asked him that guest houses with plots of 500 square meters of 342 square meters and 263 square meters are also included in the policy.
Members asserted that owners of plots along the service tracks of area roads have paid preferential location fees ranging from 10% to 20%. “We are losing business opportunities as owners of 500 square meters land have the option of running a guesthouse,” said Sunil Bawa, a forum member who runs a guesthouse in the city.
Ramesh Singla, another forum member, said he hoped the DTCP would heed their demands as it is beneficial for all.
Pandurang said he would study the request letter submitted by the forum and the possibility of inclusion, but maintained that a campaign to seal the illegal guesthouses would be launched soon.

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