Glastonbury’s fanciest accommodation costs £25,000 for the weekend

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, you’ll know that Glastonbury – especially this year – is not a cheap festival to attend.

From dizzying slices of pizza to pints that are very expensive in London, it’s no wonder this has been appointed the most expensive festival in the world.

But what few people know is that the most expensive accommodation at the legendary festival will set you back £25,000.

Yes, you can spend a deposit on a fun weekend at Glastonbury.

However, in return, you’ll get a luxury glamping experience with The Pop-Up Hotel – and your chic hotel can accommodate up to 10 people, which keeps the price down (a bit).

While most Glasto enthusiasts will be resting in their sleeping bags and on inflatable, retractable mattresses, if you buy the deluxe tent, you’ll have your own bed.

Not only that, but you’ll have a lovely living room to enjoy when the stress of being in crowds gets too much.

You will also be free of portaloos (provided you can be bothered to come back every time you have to go) as there are also flush toilets.

Hot showers are also available 24 hours a day.

Unsurprisingly, the Pop-Up Hotel has been popular with celebrities like Brad Pitt in the past, and you also get VIP treatment in the security department, as there’s 24-hour surveillance.

Naturally, there is also a reception.

Now, if you’ve ever been to a festival, you’ll know that you can easily end up looking a little underdressed, but that’s not the case at the Pop-Up Hotel – it also has its own party lounge. beauty.

Oh, and there’s also a restaurant and bar because, of course.

Mark Sorrill, who runs the luxury hotel, had this to say about Glasto’s chic 2019 option, the Daily mail reports.

“We tried to make the tents the best we could. We try to raise the bar every year,” he said.

“Only a 10 minute walk from the main festival entrance, we like to provide a place where our guests can just relax before or after seeing their favorite bands at the festival.

“We only sell to people who already have a ticket to the festival – we don’t offer tickets as part of our hospitality package.

“We have our own laid-back, live acoustic sets onsite when guests aren’t at the festival, and we’ve booked guest chefs, including Tim Maddams, for our restaurant.”

And if that’s not enough to let you part with your savings, there’s a full-size pool that’s “back by popular demand” this year.

However, if it’s out of your price range, take comfort in knowing that The Pop-Up Hotel has cheaper options. starting with £2,499 for two people.

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