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Fun Bounces Rental rents inflatable bouncy houses, water slides and other party essentials in Shorewood and surrounding Illinois counties.

We had a blast with these guys and their gear. Very professional, punctual and efficient. They came and went and were very generous. I highly recommend these guys to everyone.

—Joe Pershey

OSWEGO, ILLINOIS, USA, September 26, 2022 / — Hosting a theme party for a birthday or a school picnic with a bouncy house, water slides and inflatable combos becomes a more fun and exciting experience for kids. Bouncers and slides are great for keeping kids amused and engaged; even adults enjoy these settings at an outdoor or backyard party. Plus, inflatable bouncers, moonwalks, jumpers and other additions are perfect for a birthday party at home or a school picnic. They come in different shapes and structures, from tower castles to giant water slides to bouncer combos. Unfortunately, although many parents find the theme and accessories necessary, they often struggle to find local products. inflatable house rental in Lake Forest or Shorewood, Illinois. Fun Bounce Rentals in Illinois offers a wide range of inflatable bouncers, water slides, dunk tanks, and dry combo bouncers for rent for parties in IL counties.

Parents and kids will have a great time at a backyard party. It’s a great idea to celebrate a girl’s birthday with her favorite characters or a superhero-themed boy’s birthday. Add moon walks and bouncy houses, and this themed party will be a hit with kids and adults alike. This is why many parents today seek inflatable house rental in Oswego, IL, to organize birthday parties at home. Some professional companies, like Fun Bounce Rental, understand the different tastes and requirements of consumers. As a result, they offer hundreds of models, inflatables, and party rentals for everyone to have a great time.

“We had a blast with these guys and their equipment. Very professional, punctual and efficient. They were inside and out and very generous. Highly recommend these guys to anyone. We had the great slide for adults with palm trees. All the equipment was extremely clean and they had all the hookups for it. Definitely will use them again!” -Joe Pershey

Family members and friends take the opportunity of a residential party to have fun and have fun with their children. Unlike an indoor party, a backyard party can accommodate more people and children, providing a way to bond and meet new people. Hosting a house party eliminates the problems of limited space and a long guest list. Renting unique items from a local business is a great way to liven up a party and give guests a good time. An ordinary gathering can be transformed into an exciting carnival with the addition of giant inflatables such as bouncy houses and obstacle courses.

Bouncing houses, combos (like Mermaid and Shark), obstacle courses and backyard games come in a dizzying array of themes, from Barbie and the Avengers to sea and sky. Also, many people are looking for water slide rentals in Oswego, IL, summer rental companies. So it only makes sense to add a bit of summer fun and a bit of sunshine to any event with a waterslide! With five-star ratings and an extensive supply of party rentals, many recommend Fun Bounce Rental for hosting a themed party at their homes in Shorewood and other Illinois counties.

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Fun Bounces Rental is a family owned business that has been providing bouncy castles, water slides, garden cards and themed inflatable house party rentals since 2021. Service provider is insured, licensed and committed to provide safe and excellent service.

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