Family saves thousands on accommodation while vacationing abroad 4 times a year

Family Swaps Houses With Strangers To Save Money While Traveling The World | Image: @now_and_then_home


  • The family have swapped homes with strangers 40 times in the past 13 years
  • They make trips abroad up to four times a year
  • They pay £135 (Rs 13,000) a year for a subscription with Home Exchange
A family saves money by traveling around the world – they exchange their house with strangers to reduce their travel costs.
Sharon Holland, 42, and Jer, 48, from Cork, Ireland, only pay for their flights – that means they save a lot of money on their holidays every year.

They take their children Cian, 23, Miah, 13, and Faye, 11, abroad up to four times a year.

The family has swapped homes with strangers 40 times over the past 13 years.

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“I couldn’t imagine traveling any other way now. Swapping our Irish Georgian farmhouse for another overseas property is amazing. There are also townhouse style homes, modern city apartments and beautiful architectural period homes,” said Sharon, quoted by Mirror.

She said: “Every vacation is different and staying at someone else’s property enhances the experience because it takes us off the beaten track. We get to meet more locals and understand the culture better than we would if we were to stay at a resort.”

The family visited various cities in America, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and their home country of Ireland.

Sharon and Jer work as school assistant principals – which means that their jobs allow them to travel for long periods during school holidays.

They pay £1,250 (Rs 1.2 lakh) per year for the flights.

Sharon said: “We are exceptionally lucky with our shared holidays. We bring our laptops during the summer weeks as we are both responsible for school timetables and planning, but this can be done remotely. We have tend to spend four to six weeks abroad in the summer.”

They pay £135 (13,000 rupees) a year for a subscription with Home Exchange.

She added: “We originally signed up for the website in 2009 because it made travel more affordable. We’ve been hooked ever since.”

Sharon celebrated her 40th birthday in Budapest, St. Patrick’s Day in Amsterdam and lived on July 4 in New York.

The family’s favorite place is Italy – they have visited the country six times.

“Over the years, every experience has been fabulous – from the architecture to the food. We’ve created wonderful happy memories for less,” Sharon said.

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