eviivo launches a mobile property management application

Worldwide: eviivo launched eviivo Mobile, a booking and property management app, in conjunction with a report that revealed that 84% of managers want to monitor their activity anywhere.

The report, conducted between April 11 and April 28 in partnership with SurveyMonkey, surveyed 1,000 independent accommodation owners, Airbnb hosts and boutique hoteliers.

91% of respondents said a mobile app is “extremely important” to running and managing their business, with 92% saying they already use or plan to use a mobile app regularly in the future.

58% said the ability to manage multiple properties in one app was the most useful feature, while 23% and 21% said a motivating reason to download a management app would be to improve communication with property owners. customers and staff respectively.

42% also said a mobile management app was important for their work-life balance. 34% said it was “very important” and 24% voted “fairly important”.

eviivo’s Chief Technology Officer, Eric White, said, “We listened to thousands of customers to find out what they wanted in an app, and we’re proud to have exceeded their expectations. Automation is truly essential for the accommodation industry, as is mobility, and eviivo Mobile is revolutionizing the way owners and hosts manage their day-to-day bookings. In fact, work/life balance was key, and our clients now have the freedom to manage their guests and bookings from anywhere, anytime, even when they are on vacation themselves. .

eviivo Mobile soft was launched in December 2021. It offers tools that mirror the company’s real estate and management platform but on the user’s smartphone.

Features include:

• The ability to manage, edit and update bookings and update booking rates on the go

• Integration of all OTAs into the app, with any rate changes automatically updated with their OTA

• The ability to manage payments on the go

• Housekeeping dashboard that allows owners/managers to connect with the housekeeping department for task needs and performance

• The ability for landlords to manage multi-unit properties

• The ability to adjust (increase/decrease) daily rates and minimum stay by a fixed amount or percentage within a three-month window

• An overview of new bookings, arrivals, departures and internal customers

• Instant push notifications.

• Daily snapshots/real-time views of property KPIs and analytics

• Display of agenda calendar and day rates with source channel icons and arrival times

Michele Fitzpatrick, CEO of eviivo, said, “Convenience was our biggest driver in launching a mobile app, as was healthcare. We don’t want our customers sitting behind a desk all day. As Covid cases decline and travel begins to pick up, we want our partners to go exploring, be outdoors, visit family and friends and really live life.

“With eviivo Mobile, our partners can do all this while checking their customers’ reservations whenever they want, at their fingertips. Even the owners of bed and breakfasts, who stay on site, can take care of their garden or their renovations without missing any notification.Our application is designed to improve the well-being of our partners, but above all, to eliminate stress and improve their quality of life.

The full survey, which has been distributed in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France and the Iberian Peninsula, is available here.

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