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Nature is full of unique colors and shapes, inspiring an enchanting beauty in its surroundings. Many enjoy growing their own plants, hiking, camping, or just being outdoors to breathe in the fresh air. As new buildings are built, it becomes increasingly difficult to be completely immersed in nature. Peggy and Don Rose invite the public to experience the magical atmosphere of Rosie’s Cabin Rentals, a new business outside of Hamersville.

Rosie’s cabin was built entirely from scratch by Don with the help of his family. On Father’s Day in 2008, the couple and their family sat on their dock overlooking their small lake. Don commented that it would be nice to sit on the dock and have picnics no matter the weather. The project started with the construction of a roof over the wharf, but exploded into something much bigger. Creative passion inspired the image of a cabin in Don’s mind.

Eager to bring his imagination to fruition, Don set to work the next day. After less than eight months, Don’s vision had now dawned on him. The cabin has become a gathering place for friends and family, with a full kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It was about 50 feet from their house; however, the family preferred to stay in the Roses’ guest suite.

“Now the cabin is empty,” Peggy remarked. The Roses decided to start a small business to share the charm of the environment and the cabin with others.

A gravel driveway guides newcomers over tarmac and then over a hovering bridge over a lake. The fountains create ripples in the water, turning into shimmering bands when light catches them. Admiring the lake, glimpses of fish glide beneath the surface of the water. Occasionally, a curious fish will briefly throw its head above the water before returning below with a silent “sploosh”. They are a bit shy, but still welcome visitors. Rosie’s cabin has a deck that stretches out over the lake, perfect for fishing or enjoying the scenery.

Trees line the edges of the open area and spread out like a secluded forest. The sun mixes a gentle warmth with the colors of the leaves and petals. The birds jump from branch to branch, chirping tales to each other. The foliage rustles as a mother deer leads her spotted fawn along the edges of the clearing. The placid sounds of wildlife are humble company. The setting sun dances vibrant pinks, reds, yellows and oranges across the lake, creating a lively painting. The morning sun is equally stunning rising over the lake.

“This is my happy place.” Peggy smiles. “It’s so serene. The environment is magnificent in all seasons.

Rosie’s Cabin Rentals is open to the public to book a stay and enjoy its wonderful surroundings. There is a single room for two people and a futon. In addition to the cabin, there is a suite attached to Don and Peggy’s house that can be rented. The suite has its own back patio to walk across and view the lake.

Activities such as picnics, fishing and hiking can be enjoyed during your stay. Experiencing the mystical splendor of Rosie’s Cabin and its location is an unforgettable memory. Peggy Rose can be contacted at 1-937-379-1304 for any inquiries.

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