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One of the state’s major energy companies is in the process of canvassing landowners in the area about a potential solar panel project, but such a project is in very preliminary stages.

At least one Victory Township resident received a card or note from a DTE Energy representative regarding a solar panel project there, but the intention is more to gauge interest from landowners, said a company spokesperson.

“These are very, very, very preliminary conversations with landowners to see if there is any interest in a potential future project,” said Cindy Hecht, spokeswoman for DTE Energy. “These are very, very early preliminary discussions and there are no approved or planned projects in Mason County at this point.”

Hecht said the company is looking for landowners throughout the region and state to determine if there is interest in creating a solar project.

“DTE is constantly evaluating areas around the state for potential solar development,” Hecht said. “It doesn’t mean a project is coming, and it doesn’t mean we have projects in development.”

On the contrary, Hecht said, it indicates that DTE Energy is looking for potential areas where a project could materialize.

“That’s what the card was referring to,” she said.

Hecht did not know if residents of other townships in Mason County received the cards from DTE Energy officials.

Mason County passed an ordinance earlier to allow solar panel projects, and this affects most townships in the county except Grant, Hamlin, and Pere Marquette townships. These townships have their own zoning ordinances. The county passed its zoning ordinance in October after months of work by the county planning commission.

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