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A local county councilor says it’s time we looked at the needs of ‘our own people’ as the housing crisis across the country continues.

Councilor Michael McClafferty said the government must now look to Irish people who have fallen on hard times and live on our streets.

He said: ‘I am listening to the news that the government is looking for more hotels or bed and breakfasts for our visitors.

“I think we have already done enough for those who have entered and it is high time to stop and look at our own people for a change who are now in various streets and towns across the country.”

Councilor McClafferty said he had been inundated with complaints from worried parents who could not find accommodation for their children returning to college in September.

“I spoke to a father whose son is halfway through college and can’t find accommodation and may seriously have to drop out because of it.

“It’s modern Ireland now, it seems.”

The Falcarragh/Dunfanaghy-based public representative said many tourists wishing to visit Irish towns and villages simply could not due to lack of accommodation.

“There’s just no room at the hostel,” he added.

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