Did the government make a mistake on the hosting mandates?

Did the government make a monumental mistake on vaccination mandates and the hospitality industry? With the holiday season approaching, it seems completely barking that vaccine passes were not a prerequisite for booking accommodation.

For sleeping, whether in a hotel, motel, Airbnb or holiday park.

It’s truly mystifying, especially considering the beehive’s penchant for regulating your life.

And I have yet to hear a plausible reason why accommodation has not been treated the same as hospitality.

The government has apparently made a strange distinction that accommodation is not part of the hospitality industry.

So, as it stands, hosting providers have been given free rein to make the call themselves. Most hotels and motels choose to make vaccine passes mandatory.

But what about holiday parks and your happy campers? 18% of overnight stays in this country are spent in holiday parks. Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis will be in one this summer.

If you were to run a risk matrix in the accommodation sector, the lights would surely flash red on holiday parks and the unvaccinated. The problem is all these common spaces.

Yet, as you may have seen over the week, around a third of holiday parks and campgrounds will not require vaccine passes.

They are surely a sitting duck for an epidemic.

Campers congregate en masse in the kitchen, share common facilities, shower, wash and toilet in the same common cabins. Without vaccination mandate.

If this isn’t a surefire recipe for spreading, slap me now.

Mass assembly of vaxx-free mixing and brewing in a holiday park sounds like a transmission hot zone in the making.

A human petri dish of vacation problems. Aided and abetted by a government seemingly unaware of the additional risky hot spot it has created. How was this missed?

How could this incredibly stupid oversight slip through the net?

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