Demolition campaign continues in DLF phase 3, owners of 10 homes and 11 stores face action


The execution wing of the regional planning department continued its fight against illegal constructions in phase 3 of the DLF on Friday. Law enforcement officials demolished the interior walls of six houses built illegally in Blocks S, U and V. The team also demolished 11 stores, which were built on residential plots. All these structures were also sealed by the department.

On Thursday, the department demolished the interior walls of 10 houses, in which there were additional constructions in violation of the rules. DLF Phase 3 has 2,600 plots reserved for the economically weaker section, and last week the department conducted an investigation to verify construction plan violations, additional construction and commercial activities. Based on that investigation, the department has now taken action against such violations, officials said.

RS Bhath, district planner, law enforcement, said the demolition campaign started around 11 a.m. and continued until late in the evening. “We hired 50 workers and started two earthmoving machines to carry out the demolitions. We were forced to do this because despite the reviews, the owners did not remove the violations. Further constructions in violation of the rules will not be allowed, ”Bhath said.

Bhath also said that in addition to Block U, the team also sealed off shops and homes in Blocks S and V, where illegal constructions were discovered.

About 100 policemen from Gurugram Police Force maintained public order during the journey and supported law enforcement officials. On Thursday, the department also deployed a drone to monitor residents as they opposed the training.

Ashish Sharma, deputy town planner, law enforcement, said a guesthouse operating in the area had also been sealed for breaking the rules. “All of the vacant rooms in the illegal guesthouse were sealed because it was operating in violation of the rules. Our team also interacted with local residents and made them aware of the dangers of constructing such buildings, ”said Sharma.

Officials said measures against illegal building will continue and also called on people to remove additional buildings and floors themselves.


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