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Cruise passengers are unlikely to spend much time in their rooms due to the range of onboard activities and day trips. However, it’s still important to have a peaceful sanctuary to escape to after a long day.

From balcony rooms to luxury suites, accommodation on cruise ships can vary greatly depending on the passenger’s budget.

On some of the world’s largest cruise ships, the priciest family suites even have personal slides and grand pianos.

However, most cruise passengers will likely opt for a less expensive interior room or one of the ship’s balcony rooms.

But there is one type of room that cruise experts recommend new passengers “avoid” at all costs.

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Reddit user, ‘otfitt’ asked, “I know if you book a connecting room, the wall in between is very thin.

“But how are the rooms on either side of a connecting room?” To clarify, these are the rooms that are not connected to each other, but border it.

A popular choice for families is a connecting room where parents can access their children’s room via an interior door.

However, according to experts, cruise passengers do not want to choose a suite next to a connecting room.


Reddit user JetAttendant said, “The problem is less the wall and more the door between adjoining rooms.”

As the door to an adjoining room can be used almost constantly, guests in adjoining rooms could experience a noisy night.

Another user said: “I personally avoid rooms next to connecting rooms as these rooms are likely to be used by families with children and more likely to be noisier.

“I rarely hear anyone through the walls, but there might be some extra noise with doors slamming and outside in the hallway.”

Children are likely to be noisy passengers, so guests looking for a relaxing cruise may want to avoid being near an adjoining room.

Another user said: ‘We had an issue once where four teenage girls were in the doorway to the adjoining room of ours and their parents weren’t nearby.

“Basically it was a week long slumber party and you could hear all the talking and the laughter. I won’t do that to myself again.”

The teenage guests were probably having an amazing time, but the laughter wasn’t so good for the other guests.

Although most people agreed that the rooms next to the connecting suites were the “worst” cruise accommodations, one person disagreed.

They said: “I had more problems with noisy balcony neighbors than with adjoining rooms. Slam.”

Balcony rooms will also have their own door to their outdoor space, so any slamming might disturb their neighbours.

One user added, “Don’t book above the bar with nightly entertainment or below a commercial area like the kitchen.”

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