CRAWFED meeting: “Owners not aware of MC registry rules; it is the duty of the probate office to tell other departments

Members of the Chandigarh Residents’ Associations Welfare Federation (CRAWFED) have raised concerns over the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation’s 2017 resolution to charge Rs 10 per day to the owner of a house/apartment, if they have no not informed the civic body of the deed of sale (register). CRAWFED said the resolution, after being passed, was not properly disseminated among the public, and most residents to this day continue to ignore it.

“Residents who purchased property after 2017 are now being given notices to submit thousands of rupees as they failed to notify MC authorities of the deed of sale in time,” the members said. This concern and several other RWA concerns were raised at a CRAWFED meeting, held on Sunday at the Community Center, Sector 43, Chandigarh. Representatives from 98 Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) attended the meeting, where the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation (MC), Anindita Mitra, was the chief guest. Mitra was accompanied by NP Sharma, Chief Engineer MC. A memorandum on civic matters from the Municipal Corporation was delivered to Mitra.

They said that when the registration of a house is done by the probate office, it should be the responsibility of the probate office to inform the relevant departments, including the MC, instead of harassing a resident. They also said that when the occupier pays council tax regularly, there is no need to impose a penalty of Rs 10 per day.

“It has now come to our knowledge that the MC has sent a proposal to impose a fine of 10 paisa per day prospectively instead of Rs 10. As such, we request that you rescind all notices already issued to this respect because the residents were not aware of such a resolution,” he said.

CRAWFED also raised the issue that the MC does not release dues on time for the maintenance of neighborhood parks, as the RWAs who maintain them depend on these reimbursements to pay timely salaries to gardeners. They urged that dangerous trees be pruned or felled, as they pose a risk to life and property. They pointed out that the materials used for the resurfacing of the roads are of substandard quality, stating that the life span of these roads only lasts a few months and urged the respective RWAs to participate in their planning. Members also said that the MC malba (debris) dump in sector 45 D makes the area dirty and asked to move it.

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Dr. Anish Garg, Secretary General of CRAWFED called for land for the rescued strays for their rehabilitation and treatment. Hitesh Puri, President, highlighted the involvement of RWAs in the proper implementation of government projects and the cleanliness of the city. He further suggested forming a committee of prominent RWA members to discuss UT-related matters, before taking agendas to MC House for transparency.

Mitra assured that the issues brought to its attention would be resolved as a matter of priority. She also called on residents to cooperate with the MC to keep the city clean and avoid littering the roads, and encouraged the use of trash cans in their four-wheelers. She also appreciated the suggestion of a ‘pashushala’ for injured and sick animals and promised to bring this proposal to the House and allocate the land accordingly.

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