City of Welland will allow short-term rentals

Council decides to allow short-term rentals, with regulations to be put in place early next year.

The City of Welland has decided to allow short term rentals.

Short-term rental is defined as accommodation rented for 28 days or less, but does not include a bed and breakfast, hotel / motel or boarding house or lodging house.

On Tuesday, council approved a zoning bylaw amendment allowing short-term rental housing as secondary use in industrial, residential and agricultural areas, as well as residential housing in commercial areas.

Currently, short-term rentals are not permitted in Welland, although guest rooms, as well as accessory apartments are permitted.

“We know that short-term rentals already exist in the city,” said CAO Steve Zorbas. “What we are able to do now is regulate them and ensure that anyone operating a short term rental understands that they have a responsibility to ensure that there is no no negative impact on those who live nearby. “

The amendment proposes that short-term rentals have three spare bedrooms or less, be subject to authorization and not display outdoor advertising on the site.

A license fee of $ 1,029.50 has been set, with an annual renewal fee of $ 75.

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