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UPDATE, OCT. 28 AT 11:07 AM:

Vanessa Faith Prettyontop was sentenced to prison after admitting to burning down a house on the Crow Indian Reservation in 2020.

According to the Justice Department, Prettyontop, 34, has been accused of starting a fire in a house by entering through an open back door and intentionally lighting a burning mattress with a lighter.

The fire spread to the rest of the house and Prettyontop reportedly walked through the front door.

Prettyontop called 9-1-1 to surrender and said she was fed up with people arguing over the house.

Vanessa Faith Prettyontop was sentenced to 30 months in prison followed by five years of supervised release.

Previous coverage:

HARDIN, Mont. –A woman accused of torching a house on the Crow reservation pleaded guilty on Friday.

According to a statement from the Department of Justice, in court documents filed in the case, the government claims that Vanessa Faith Prettyontop, 34, started a house fire in October 2020.

The person who owned the house is said to have almost completed the repairs and renovations and is planning to move back.

The statement said Prettyontop attempted to break into the house through the front door before entering through an open back door and intentionally lighting a burning mattress with a lighter.

The fire spread to the rest of the house and Prettyontop came out the front door.

Prettyontop reportedly called 9-1-1 to surrender, confessed and said she was tired of people arguing over the house.

Vanessa Faith Prettyontop, also known as Vanessa Faith Gunshows, has pleaded guilty to arson as charged in an indictment. Prettyontop faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, a fine of $ 250,000 and five years of supervised release.

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Chandigarh room reservation raffle today: The Tribune India Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:42:00 +0000

Chandigarh, October 18

The State Election Commission, UT, will organize the draw tomorrow for the reservation of the Municipal Corporation (MC) quarters. Elections for the 35 MC constituencies are scheduled for December.

Appointments end of November

The nomination process for the MC elections will begin at the end of November. The elections must be concluded before December 31, 2021, date of the end of the mandate of this corporation.

The draw for the reservation of quarters for Nominees from Listed Castes (SC), including SC Women and Women (General), to be filled by direct election, will take place on October 19 at the UT Guest House.

Due to the Covid-19 protocol, only two people from each political party would be allowed to attend the raffle debates, the commission said.

The nomination process for the MC elections will begin at the end of November. The elections must be concluded before December 31, 2021, the date of the end of the mandate of this corporation.

Elections in 35 wards will be conducted by nine returning officers (ROs) and each RO will be assisted by two assistant returning officers (ROs). In addition, two ORs and four AROs were kept in reserve.

With the merger of 13 villages with the MC in December 2018, the number of neighborhoods increased from 26 to 35. Previously, only nine of the 22 villages were under the jurisdiction of the MC. – TNS

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Lucky draw for room reservations in Chandigarh today: The Tribune India Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:42:00 +0000

Chandigarh, October 18

The State Election Commission, UT, will organize the draw tomorrow for the reservation of the Municipal Corporation (MC) quarters. Elections for the 35 MC constituencies are scheduled for December.

Appointments end of November

The nomination process for the MC elections will begin at the end of November. The elections must be concluded before December 31, 2021, the date of the end of the mandate of this corporation.

The draw for the reservation of quarters for Nominees from Listed Castes (SC), including SC Women and Women (General), to be filled by direct election, will take place on October 19 at the UT Guest House.

Due to the Covid-19 protocol, only two people from each political party would be allowed to attend the raffle debates, the commission said.

The nomination process for the MC elections will begin at the end of November. The elections must be concluded before December 31, 2021, date of the end of the mandate of this corporation.

Elections in 35 wards will be conducted by nine Returning Officers (ROs) and each RO will be assisted by two Assistant Returning Officers (ARS). In addition, two ORs and four AROs were kept in reserve.

With the merger of 13 villages with the MC in December 2018, the number of neighborhoods increased from 26 to 35. Previously, only nine of the 22 villages were under the jurisdiction of the MC. – TNS

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Lots for booking quarters for SC applicants and women today Mon, 18 Oct 2021 23:54:14 +0000 The draw for the reservation of quarters for SC candidates and women for civic body elections will take place on Tuesday, a statement sent by the state election commissioner to presidents of all political parties said on Monday.

Municipal elections will take place in 35 neighborhoods this time in December. The code of conduct for the same is expected to come into effect in November.

All the major political parties had demanded that the draw be carried out as soon as possible so that they begin and launch preparations for the poll in different constituencies. Tuesday’s draw will take place at the UT guesthouse.

The statement from the State Elections Commissioner on Monday read: “I am instructed to address you on the subject mentioned above and to say that the administration of Chandigarh has decided to hold the general elections of the Municipality of Chandigarh in 35 neighborhoods. The draw for the reservation of quarters for candidates from listed castes (including women from listed castes) and women (general), to be filled by direct elections, will take place on October 19, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. in the UT State Guest House Conference Room, Sector 6, Chandigarh, by the State Election Commission.

It was also added that due to the protocols related to Covid-19, only two people from each political party will attend the debates.

“Due to the Covid protocols, only 2 representatives of each political party can attend the lottery procedure for the reservation of the districts of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh. These people can therefore present themselves with the authorization of their political party. The names of the two authorized representatives can be indicated in advance to facilitate their entry, ”the note added.

Last week, the UT State Election Commission, Chandigarh, called a meeting in which it called on all returning officers and deputy returning officers to ensure that the municipal polls in the ‘UT were free and fair.

During the meeting, State Election Commissioner SK Srivastava addressed various issues related to the upcoming municipal elections in Chandigarh which are due to be held in December of this year.

Elections in the 35 wards of the Corporation municipale are conducted by nine returning officers and each returning officer is assisted by two assistant returning officers. Four assistant returning officers were kept in reserve, officials said.

The electoral commissioner had also said that the focus should be on strict compliance with all Covid-19 protocols and maximum use of information technology – such as the dissemination of the electoral procedure / relevant information on an application. mobile – during polls.

The secretary of the electoral commission gave details of the procedures and a brief overview of the provisional electoral timetable – the nomination will begin in the second half of November 2021 and the polls will take place in December 2021. The deadlines to finalize the polling stations have also issued by the commission to ensure that the elections can be held in a timely manner and concluded before December 31, 2021, the date of expiration of the mandate of this corporation.

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Chandigarh MC Polls: Lucky Draw for Neighborhood Reservation Today Mon, 18 Oct 2021 20:24:38 +0000 Chandigarh State Election Commissioner SK Srivastava will conduct the draw in the presence of political party representatives at UT Guest House in Sector 6, Chandigarh at 10:30 am.

By Correspondent HT, Chandigarh

The draw for the reservation of wards for women and candidates from the castes listed for the municipal elections in Chandigarh will take place on Tuesday.

Chandigarh State Election Commissioner SK Srivastava will conduct the draw in the presence of representatives of political parties at the UT Guest House in Sector 6 at 10:30 am.

Elections in 35 constituencies are scheduled for December of this year, as the five-year term for Chandigarh MC ends on December 31.

Of these, 16 quarters will be reserved, including 12 for women (nine general category and three SC category) and seven for SC candidates (including the three SC candidates).

The elections will be conducted by nine returning officers (ROs) and each of them will be assisted by two assistant returning officers (ADOs). In addition, two ORs and four AROs were kept in reserve.

Close story

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Another attack on a forest reserve; Defense takes the lion’s share of the budget – the Island Fri, 15 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

By Rohana R. Wasala

A nation can outlive its fools, and even the ambitious. But he cannot survive betrayal from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, because he is known and openly carries his banner. But the traitor moves freely among those inside the gate, his devious whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

– Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 BC)

According to a popular Sinhala-language online news portal (October 31), President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said he had appointed (Bodu Bala Sena leader) Ven. Galagodaatthe Gnanasara Thera as Chairman of the (recently established) Presidential Working Group “One Country, One Law” to advise him, but not to legislate. The president made the remark when asked about the PTF at a meeting of government party leaders. He stressed that he had the option of appointing anyone to the PTF according to his personal preferences. He also reportedly said that if he tried to consult with party leaders on anything, he would have to get their permission before associating with friends! (Aside: as president, he should also seek advice from sincere, non-political people on this matter. RRW)

The president added that the same kind of objections were raised when he appointed Ali Sabry to the post of Minister of Justice; but now he is performing his duties to everyone’s satisfaction, the president added.

Speaking of advice, I think President Gotabaya should take MP Sivajilingam’s request as useful advice and immediately dissolve the “farce” (as the latter correctly describes it) of this working group to one country and one law. led by Ven. Galagoda at the Gnanasara Thera. The value of Sivajilingam’s request lies in the fact that he can have no intention of betraying the president; only close friends can betray a person, but not an enemy or a stranger. Sivajilingam is an enemy at the gate (Pl. See epigraph above), but an enemy we know as one of our fellow Sri Lankans (who does not show false friendship), with whom we can easily restore our traditional bonds of brotherhood by settling our internal problems through talks among ourselves without shamefully allowing strangers to exploit them to their own advantage and to our common detriment.

The reference in this case is The island Dispatch from correspondent Dinasena Ratugamage “Sivajilingam tells the president to dissolve the ‘one country, one law’ working group and solve the country’s problems” (Saturday, October 30) about MK Sivajilingam, former provincial councilor for the North of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and close relative of Velupillai Prabhakaran, speaking to media in Jaffna the day before (Friday 29). He reportedly claimed the task force was an attempt to bolster President Rajapaksa’s declining popularity. Sivajilingam recalled the president’s earlier promise of a new constitution to protect the rights of every citizen. “Everyone wants the president to propose a new constitution. There is pressure to solve the problems faced by the Tamil people. However, the president suddenly appointed a task force on “One Country One Law”. The task force is a joke. Name Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera as head of the working group makes it a farce, ”he reportedly said. (He would have been closer to the truth if he had said, ‘There is pressure on the president to tackle the problems faced by all Sri Lankans, not just the Tamil people.’ But we can’t fault him for focusing on the community he represents, in this case.)

“The task force was not appointed after consulting people. We urge the government to stop distracting people and tackle the real problems. What we need is a task force to pull the country out of the economic, social and political disasters it faces. Leaders have to be smart enough to get everyone’s support. If the government does not show that it cares about Tamils, they will continue to oppose the government. A divided country cannot face the challenges we face now, ”he said. For my part, I agree with him. This little concern for Tamils, although justified from his point of view, is a different matter, but the same applies to every community, and is not an insurmountable obstacle to restoring unity between communities. .

Of course, Sivajilingam can make that request or offer that advice, ironically; he can call the president’s bluff. Sivajilingam is a politician, and since all politicians are generally cunning, he should be handled with care. Having said that, I think his comments should be seen as a constructive criticism that provides an opportunity to open a people-to-people dialogue between the north and the south with a view to ending the reluctant mutual estrangement between the two communities. which were deliberately created by opportunistic politicians on both sides.

Let me try to put Sivajilingam’s remarks into perspective in my own light as a Sri Lankan citizen with some hindsight (due to my age), insight (gained through formal and informal education and life experience) and foresight (honed by both).

Responsible citizens of Sri Lanka lifted the country from the brink of national disintegration and general disaster by electing Gotabaya Rajapaksa (his main draw was his non-political image) as president and the SLPP in parliament less than two years ago. In both cases, the election took place on the major “One Country, One Law” platform, in which, for completely apolitical reasons, Buddhist monks are intrinsically interested. But now it looks like Gotabaya has been betrayed and, on top of that, converted into something even more malleable than his predecessor to another’s wishes. Circumstances (i.e. the problems and the government’s authoritarian responses to those problems) push the country again to the brink of the precipice.

A notification from the Extraordinary Gazette was issued on October 27, 2021 to the effect that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had appointed a 13-member Presidential Task Force (PTF), using the powers vested in him as president by the Article 33 of the Constitution, 1. To study the implementation of the concept: “One country, one law” in Sri Lanka and prepare a bill to this effect and 2. To study the bills and bills. amendments that have already been prepared by the Ministry of Justice with regard to this subject and their relevance, and whether there are any appropriate amendments to submit a proposal (sic) for this purpose and include them in the relevant draft deemed appropriate .

I was deeply shocked and disappointed when my eyes fell on the relevant gazette’s notification online a few hours after it was published on October 27. My immediate mental reaction was, “What a crazy initiative! To be honest, I didn’t expect this kind of frivolous exercise from Gotabaya Rajapaksa, in whom I had implicit faith. But then, one can only guess that he did it under duress.

The PTF was officially created to study how to implement the concept “One country, one law” and how to align the “laws and amendments” already developed by the Ministry of Justice on this concept. The committee includes the head of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) Ven. Galagodaaththe (not Galabodaaththe?) Gnanasara Thera (chairman) and twelve others, including academics, lawyers and prominent figures (the last category includes a maulavi from the Galle Ulama Council and three other Muslims. The Galle Ulama Council is supposed to be anti-Wahhabi, as has been claimed elsewhere. Originally, the PTF did not have Tamils ​​or explicit representatives of any Christian or Hindu religious organization. Given the stated objectives, this was a glaring flaw, which would not have been permitted had the President had sincere advice.

This totally erroneous exclusion of Tamils ​​provided a real reason for Sivajilingam to complain. However, at a meeting chaired by the president at Temple Trees the next day (October 28), Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda and Ceylon Workers’ Congress vice-president Senthil Thondaman and several others raised this issue of non -representation of Tamils ​​in PTFs and The President agreed to correct the anomaly. Please treat these Hindu Tamil rulers as well as you treat Muslim and Christian rulers. We need the cooperation of each community to neutralize the looming fundamentalist threat.

In my humble opinion, the appointment of this task force will prove to be a suicidal gesture for both the Gotabaya presidency and the SLPP government. The negative image of the monk who directs it, whether justified or not, the apparent mediocrity of the rest of the members, and the suspicion of an anti-Tamil bias generated by the initial imbalance of its community composition (although rectified later) be major setbacks to its success. The PTF seems to me to be a hastily designed but cleverly designed device by a saboteur to be dysfunctional from the start, and ultimately to kill the project it was supposed to put in place to carry out (i.e. , the only country, only one bill). It seems to be the sinister proposition of an evil genius within the president’s inner circle.

To be continued

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Newhouse’s IDEA committee is organizing a screening of “reservation dogs” Tue, 12 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

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Neal Powless and his friends ran inside and gathered around a small television at a birthday party in 1985 to watch “Windwalker”. The ’80s western was voiced almost entirely in the native Crow and Cheyenne languages ​​with English subtitles. He recalled that this was one of the only times he and his friends had seen themselves faithfully portrayed in one of the many movies and TV shows they had watched.

“Here, we were (watching) our people on film,” said Powless. “It has become a novelty to see yourself in the cinema.”

The Newhouse IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) committee organized a screening of “Reservation Dogs” by Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo on Monday evening on the occasion of Indigenous Peoples Day. A question-and-answer session with Powless, a native of the Onondaga Nation, followed the screening, which was held at the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Powless is the university’s ombudsman and is pursuing a doctorate. to SU in the study of indigenous imagery in major motion pictures.


The show is the first American series written, produced and directed by all Native North Americans. He follows Elora (Devery Jacobs), Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), Cheese (Lane Factor) and Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) as they roam their Oklahoma reservation, stealing everything from cars to groceries in hopes of turning a profit they could use to leave the reserve and travel to California. Their makeshift gang becomes known as the best bandits on the reserve, and they are nicknamed “The Reservation Dogs”.

“Reservation Dogs” overturns many scripts that have surrounded the image of the Native American, said Powless, who has spent most of his life on a reservation.

The three-time All-American lacrosse player worked as a cultural consultant and then co-producer on “Crooked Arrows,” a film about a Native American lacrosse team. After screenings of two episodes of “Reservation Dogs”, Powless compared and contrasted “Crooked Arrows” and the new Hulu show on several occasions.

The role of Indigenous characters in Hollywood is scorching, filled with victimization, antagonism and stereotypes that go back to the very roots of the industry, he said.

“In the early days of the film’s early uses, Indigenous people were among the first people filmed,” Powless said. “They were taking Natives and filming them because it was assumed they were going to disappear. “

These early films mostly show Indigenous people as they perform ceremonies and rituals, Powless said. While “Reservation Dogs” shows these moments, they are in a different context. The first episode ends with a funeral-like ceremony, where the four friends burn herbs and create an altar dedicated to their friend who died a year ago.


In this scene, the four stand in suits and ties – a rodeo tie and cowboy hat over intricate braids for Willie Jack – against the smoky backdrop of the abandoned building where they hang out, in a more obvious reference to the Partial inspiration from the show’s title, “Reservoir Dogs” by Quentin Tarantino, an audience member at the event pointed out.

The series is replete with pop culture references – from “The Lord of the Rings” to “Willow” – to capitalize on the importance of pop culture to Indigenous communities living on reserves. Powless recalled that growing up, he and his friends used so much mass media, but they rarely saw accurate representations of themselves in any of that content. This made the honesty of “Reservation Dogs” in its portrayal of Indigenous characters much more meaningful, said Powless.

While the show broadens perceptions of indigenous peoples to white audiences, it is even more important for indigenous audiences to see themselves in media they can relate to, said Soo Yeon Hong, visual communications professor and organizer of the event.

The show is the first series to be shot entirely in Oklahoma, another example of the show’s cultural aptness. Because it is shot in the West, viewers get an “authentic experience of an Indigenous space,” Powless said.

Second-year student Curtiss Summers attended the screening and said the show’s mainstream success was “warming.”

“It’s really good, like when I first saw it, it hit all I know about living on a reserve. The characters I saw were people I knew from the reserve, ”Summers said. “When they went to the Emmys, it felt good to see other Native Americans go this far.”

Powless also spoke about spirituality in Indigenous life and how it is portrayed on the show. In “Reservation Dogs”, the relationship between the characters and the spirit realm is constantly explored. Bear is plagued by a spirit called William “Spirit” Knifeman, who gives him life advice on how to be a warrior and do good for his people.

Knifeman is introduced as another character in the series; The bear is never afraid or surprised by its presence. On the reserve, belief in the spirit world is integral truth, something that transcends time and space in the Indigenous perspective towards the dead, Powless said. He remembered talking to his friends when the movie “Paranormal Activity” came out, saying, “These people were so stupid, all they had to do was talk to these spirits, let go. food aside and that would have been nice. “

During his time as a producer and cultural consultant on “Crooked Arrows”, Powless consciously used certain stereotypes when he approved the costume design so that the native and white audience could see the character “throwing the costume” at the moment. where the full story arc had played, he said. “Reservation Dogs,” however, was refreshing in its aversion to any accepted archetype of the Native American, he added.

“This kind of stuff is really exciting to watch because they don’t even go for the stereotypes, they just go and do it,” Powless said.

Contact Sidney: [email protected]

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Ashland man convicted of assault on North Cheyenne Indian reservation | criminality Tue, 05 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

BILLINGS – A 34-year-old Ashland man who admitted assaulting a man, causing him multiple head injuries while brandishing a gun in the North Cheyenne Indian Reservation, has been sentenced to 48 months of imprisonment followed by three years supervised release, acting from the United States. lawyer Leif M. Johnson said.

In April, Channing Lee Ziler pleaded guilty to assault causing grievous bodily harm.

US District Judge Susan P. Watters presided.

According to a Department of Justice statement, in court documents filed in the case, the government alleged that on December 31, 2017, officers from the Bureau of Indian Affairs responded to a 911 call at a home in Ashland, in the north Cheyenne Indian Reservation, where people drank, including Ziler.

Witnesses described Ziler as being violent that night. The victim arrived at the house with others. Witnesses described Ziler holding a gun when Doe arrived and said, “Sounds like someone I can slap.”

Ziler then allegedly assaulted Doe, causing multiple lacerations to his head.

Ziler picked up the victim’s truck and drove off with the victim and another person. Law enforcement received another 911 call saying the truck had run out of gas and occupants set it on fire to keep warm in subzero temperatures.

Ziler left the scene with the other individual and the police found the victim near the truck. The victim was taken to a hospital in Billings for treatment.

Assistant US Attorney Bryan T. Dake continued the case, which was investigated by the FBI and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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Tribune editorial: Reservation sub-districts make sense | Editorial Mon, 04 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

It’s up and down, where we give a brief nudge or a thumbs down on last week’s issues.

A state legislative committee has taken a step forward by approving a new legislative district map that includes the House sub-districts for the Turtle Mountain and Fort Berthold reserves. North Dakota Native Vote Executive Director Nicole Donaghy said the subdistricts would allow “tribal members to elect any candidate they want.” The entire Legislature must approve the plan and the Governor must approve it. It seems likely. One downside is that sub-districts are not nominated for Standing Rock and Spirit Lake reserves, which do not have the necessary population under federal voting rights law. This case could end up in court.

North Dakota duck hunters face below-normal wetland conditions early in the season. The Game and Fish Department’s annual fall wetland survey indicates that the number of duck hunting wetlands is down about 44% statewide from last fall. This is not surprising, given the dry winter of last year and the summer of severe drought throughout the state. But there are other factors that determine the quality of the hunt, including weather conditions and migration patterns. Migratory game bird biologist Andy Dinges says there is still potential for a good hunt. Hopefully – resident waterfowl hunters spend around $ 20 million a year, according to data from the state’s tourism division.

North Dakota will lose a valuable asset when Wendy Ross steps down as Superintendent of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. But she deserves kudos – she’s moving up to a leadership position with the National Park Service and will help oversee sites in 13 states. She was promoted through numerous accomplishments during her three-decade career. At Theodore Roosevelt, highlights include driving the park through a wild wildfire season this year, needed repairs on the South Unit’s scenic loop road, and overseeing an increase in visits.

Whether it is a farce or an initiation rite, it remains theft and vandalism. Someone stole letters from the sign in front of the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum. Eight letters were taken over a three-month period, according to the Highway Patrol, which manages security on the Capitol grounds. No arrests have been made, but anyone responsible should be aware that the potential charges could reach a criminal level, depending on the total value of the letters stolen and the amount of damage to the sign.

The Flying Farmer fights after a horrific accident during a stunt car jump. Daredevil John Smith of Makoti is known in North Dakota as the Flying Farmer. He’s been jumping for decades, but the last one about a week ago ended in disaster when he crashed and rolled his car. He has undergone a few operations since in a hospital in Minot. And he might have lingering memory issues and confusion because he hit his head hard enough for his helmet to fly out the back window. But his daughter Amanda Smith says he’s been able to walk short distances and is in a good mood. He was about to go home on Friday.

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The 5 Best TV Shows Right Now: Midnight Mass, Booking Dogs Tue, 28 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

This week, it was incredibly difficult to pick just five shows, but some really great firsts and finals have proven their worth. And while television is back to its peak status, it’s worth mentioning that Broadway is back, too, baby! The Tony Awards broadcast and concert over the weekend notably showed its all-masked audience … what the Emmys did not controversially do. COVID-19 continues to fight on TV, scripted and live, in puzzling ways.

The rules for Power Rankings are simple: any series currently on television is eligible, whether it’s a comedy, drama, newscast, animated series, or TV show. variety or sporting event. This can be over a network, basic cable, premium channel, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, or whatever you can stream to your smart TV, as long as a new episode has been made available the previous week (see ending Sunday) – or, in the case of programs aired once, it must have aired within the previous four weeks. The voting jury is made up of Dough TV editors and writers with a fairly wide range of tastes.

Honorable mention:
Only the murders in the building (Hulu), Ted lasso (Apple TV +), Fate Patrol (HBO Max), Wrong (Paramount +), Sex education (Netflix), What we do in the shadows (FX)


Network: Netflix
Ranking last week: Not eligible
This week: It’s Prue vs False Prue as this British gem returns for a new season.

Look now

One of the most calming and healthiest TV series returns with its hosts, judges and contestants in a bubble secure against COVID, which once again created an instant and heartwarming camaraderie between them. Although the Great British Pastry Fair (Where Pastry shop to our British friends) may look a little different now that he’s on Channel 4 for the second year instead of the BBC (more surreal hosts and more urgency inside the tent), the joy that the series continues to offer is welcome and familiar. As the bakers come together to prepare their signings, techniques, and shows, they cheer each other on and provide interesting treats and the occasional disaster throughout. With Netflix re-streaming the episodes every week, just days after their UK debut, it also provided another great anti-munchies TV show to set your clocks – never over-cooked or underdone. –Allison keene

Network: Hulu
Ranking last week: Honorable mention
This week: A perfect ending.

Look now

Lottery winner, drug addict former footballer, and grieving family walk into a bar. Well, more like a smoothie bar. Nine Perfect Strangers, the latest collaboration between author Liane Moriarty and Nicole Kidman, is a captivating limited series on Hulu that follows a group of individuals all brought to the beautiful Tranquillum House for a wellness retreat. As they learn more about their cryptic host, Masha (Kidman), and what brought them there, it’s clear that nothing is as peaceful as it seems.

Every guest has come to Tranquillum looking for help, spiritual guidance, or just a good old-fashioned R&R. Francis (Melissa McCarthy) is a novelist seeking inspiration and relaxation after an online relationship turns out to be a scam; Tony (Bobby Cannavale) is struggling with opioid addiction following a sports injury; married couple Jessica (Samara Weaving) and Ben (Melvin Gregg) have lost their spark; Carmel (Regina Hall) is reeling from the family drama and insecurities induced by motherhood; and the Marconi family (Asher Keddie, Michael Shannon and Grace Van Patten) seek to reconnect after a death nearly tears their family apart. The ninth and final guest, Lars (Luke Evans), is the most watched and doesn’t immediately say why he has arrived.

Despite her seemingly bizarre healing methods, Masha really wants to help all visitors to Tranquillum House and thinks she is. Her ideas are weird and fascinating, and encourage guests to look within to finally overcome whatever is holding them back from the happiness that she knows is possible in their entire lives. Once they give in to it completely, the results are empowering and sometimes frightening. Nine Perfect Strangers takes us on the ride – a trippy, intense and exhilarating ride – and like the guests of the Tranquillum House, it’s best that we buckle up and let it go. –Kristen reid [Full Review]

Network: FX on Hulu (included in your Hulu subscription)
Ranking last week: 2
This week: A heartwarming finale that included an ax against a tornado.

Look now

FX has found its niche by telling intimate close-up stories extremely well, and Dogs Reservation is no exception. It focuses on four friends – Bear (D’Pharoah Woon-A-Tai), Elora (Devery Jacobs), Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) and Cheese (Lane Factor) – who accidentally form an unofficial “gang” dubbed the ” reservation”. bandits ”, because of their penchant for light crime. Their hope is to get enough money to travel to California, an ideal always at hand.

The lived-in and slightly surreal comedy is a low-fi exploration of an indigenous Oklahoma community, whose protagonists scramble around the “ground” among other misfits and sundries, and fall into a variety of adventures ranging from the theft of a flea van to a sarcastic and overworked healthcare system. FX touted Dogs Reservation, created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, as revolutionary. In many ways, it is; it has a fully native writers room, for one. But the show makes its boldest statement by not feeling like it’s making a statement at all. It’s an easygoing, rude and funny show, specific and accessible. It is not about children being noble heroes or crime-loving villains; they are just people. But they are also indigenous peoples, who Is means something and is all too rare to see on TV, especially portrayed in such a wonderfully laid-back way.

But more than anything Dogs Reservation is a perfect summer series, which takes place on languid afternoons and moves at a leisurely pace. Children make plans, look for food, go for walks, fight. They don’t talk or act like adults, and they’re not shot down by cynicism. They have hopes and dreams, a love for family, a non-ironic embrace of community, and make a lot of silly mistakes. To say that there is an innocence or even a wholesomeness in Dogs Reservation wouldn’t quite hit the mark on how rude the show can be (it’s ultimately an adult comedy); but like his pellets, he has a good heart. Friends do their best and huddle together, even though they are arguing over their choices. It is this balance that the show gets so right; not too precious nor incredibly vulgar, just the truth with an edge. Or as they would say, “I love you, bitch.” –Allison keene [Full Review]

Network: HBO Max
Ranking last week: Honorable mention
This week: “Don’t worry: on March 13, 2020, your life is about to change!

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The last time we left The two othersThe Dubek clan of, Chase (Case Walker), 14, aka viral pop singing sensation ChaseDreams, had just bombed VMAs and decided to retire from music altogether and go to college. While that choice may have made it seem like the Dubeks would no longer be in the public eye, this news was immediately followed by the end of the season revealing that Matriarch Pat (Molly Shannon) would be hosting her own daytime talk show. . As a result, Brooke (Heléne Yorke) and Cary (Drew Tarver) would continue to remain “The Other Two” of the celebrity family, but in a new and different, embarrassing way.

As this season will have a structure of two episodes per week, each The two others drop will come from a location of Chase and Pat’s current status. But while Brooke and Cary are still the more obvious ‘other two’, this second season works in interesting ways to help them both grow and become full-fledged hits while continuing to emphasize how great they are. both messy.

Plus, the biting humor and wit of the show sticks from the first moment. The amount of jokes in the first 30 seconds of the season premiere, even in on-screen text, is an instant reminder of the density and cleverness of a comedy machine. The two others is. As the show exists in such a realistic, relatable, and recognizable world, all of those comedic moments where it’s slightly askew continue to hit hard, especially when it comes to the celebrity culture these characters find themselves in. But above all, The two others remains positive proof that satire and parody don’t need to come from a difficult place to work, even in – yet – this climate. –LaToya Ferguson [Full Review]

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At Midnight Mass‘Crockett Island, every islander feels in the throes of misfortune. The recent oil spill almost wiped out the fish supply, causing the island’s local fishing economy to plummet. Their homes are shattering and flaking, neglecting the elements of the ocean. The majority of residents have fled the island for lack of opportunities, leaving some paltry behind them. Only two ferries can take them to the mainland. Hope is lacking and a major storm is looming on the horizon.

Anything beyond that for this seven-episode series is a real spoiler, but what we can say is that even with its dabbles in the supernatural, Midnight Mass (created by The haunting‘s Mike Flanagan, in his most recent collaboration with Netflix), is a show that digs inward rather than outward. With both the physical claustrophobia of Crockett’s set and the internal suffering of the characters placed in the center of the scene, Midnight Mass deals with inner horrors: addictive tendencies, secret stories, and questions of forgiveness and belief. At a glance, it’s a series that exploited Catholic guilt for gold. In another, it’s a measured, yet frightening, approach to group psychology, the need for faith in grief, and the ethics of leadership with such vulnerable followers, weighing whether those impulses represent the human goodness, evil or just nothing at all.

“Happy are those who have not seen and who have believed.” Midnight Mass offers a chance for anyone to doubt Thomas or a true believer. How different is a miracle from a supernatural event, anyway? –Catherine smith [Full Review]

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