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It is becoming increasingly likely that an on-site owner or operator will be required to legally operate a short-term rental property in Summerland.

Council voted this week at 5-2 to have staff include this provision in a draft of a regulatory scheme for short-term rentals that is expected to be publicly unveiled in December.

Requiring an owner or operator on site is essential to ensure that short-term rentals do not unfairly encroach on neighbors, Coun argued. Doug Holmes.

“It’s no different than putting a body shop – or body shop – in the middle of a residential neighborhood,” said Holmes, who urged the council to follow the lead of Tofino, where rentals at Short term are only allowed on properties with at least two dwellings, one of which must be owner occupied.

“Tofino has over 250 short-term rentals with these regulations, so I would hardly say their tourism industry is suffering,” added Holmes.

Council in August asked staff to begin work on the community’s very first short-term rental license program. Much of the work to date has focused on the public consultation, which included an open house and a survey that received 547 responses.

The survey, in which 78% of respondents identified themselves as full-time residents of Summerland, found 55% support for vacation rental licensing.

On the question of on-site supervision, 53% are in favor of a simple obligation of availability of an operator to respond to complaints within two hours, while 40% want a permanent presence on site.

The waters were still muddy on a question about occupancy limits, with 35% of respondents in favor of a six-guest cap, while 33 said six was too much and 20% said six was too few.

Respondents expressed support for strict oversight, with 74% in favor of requiring operators to have a business plan, some elements of which could include health and safety inspections, good neighborly agreements and parking strategies.

Votes against the package were cast by Mayor Toni Boot and the council. Doug Patan.

Patan, who noted that a company hired by the district earlier this year had determined that there were already 174 short-term rental properties operating in Summerland, cautioned against overly heavy regulation.

“As soon as we over-regulate, we will (create) an underground market and that will be exactly where we are now with illegal accessory apartments,” Patan said.

“Do I agree that the owner should be in the house?” I do. But that’s my personal opinion.

With council input in hand, district staff are currently preparing a draft bylaw that will be presented at the December 13 meeting.

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Athens City Council adopts proposal to regulate short-term housing rentals Tue, 09 Nov 2021 22:38:48 +0000

Athens City Council adopts proposal to regulate short-term housing rentals

By: David Forster

Posted on:

<ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) – Athens City Council is considering a proposal that would require landlords to obtain a permit to make short-term rentals.

[Joseph Scheller | WOUB]

Homeowners in Athens can already rent their house or room using services like Airbnb and Vrbo. There is no law against it.

The proposed new system would attempt to regulate that. Inspections could be carried out in the same way as for long-term rentals and the Pass-through Guest Tax, which is paid by hotels and motels, could be collected.

Under the proposal, owners of homes located in areas zoned for single-family residences who live in the home and wish to make short-term rentals would be required to obtain a permit. The permit would not allow more than two tenants at a time for less than 30 days.

Homes that are not owner occupied would not be able to obtain short-term rental permits under the proposal, unless they are located on East State Street, Lancaster Street, Carpenter Street or Columbus Road.

Supporters of the proposal say an added benefit of the system is that it could help people struggling to afford a house in Athens earn extra money to help pay the mortgage.

“I think this provides opportunities for people with limited incomes to make buying and owning a house in the city an option if they are able to generate additional income in other ways,” he said. said Arian Smedley, board member.

Board member Sarah Grace agreed. “There are people who would be more able to afford to live in a house if they could rent a room or two on busy weekends,” she said.

Others fear that the proposed system will encourage more rentals in a city already overrun with rental properties and that short-term tenants could disrupt neighborhoods if they just come into town to party.

“When someone comes to your neighborhood for a night or two, there will be a certain percentage who don’t really care about the neighborhood,” said Jack Stauffer, who lives in the Near East neighborhood.

“You have to expect the worst case scenario because you’re going to get it,” he said. “It’s just a matter of how often you’re going to get it. “

Stauffer pleaded with council members not to allow short-term rentals in areas zoned for single-family residential use.

Andy Stone, the city’s director of security services, noted that residents of these neighborhoods are already making short-term rentals in their homes. The objective of the proposed permit system is to give the city greater regulatory oversight.

“It’s happening now,” he said. “You can rent your basement for one night and you can open your oven to heat it up, to keep your tenant warm for that night, and there’s no mechanism to say it’s not. OK.”

Athens resident Diane McVey told council she had been making short-term rentals from her home for four years.

“I think the whole point for people opposed to this is to realize that there is no current regulation,” she said. “It will give the city the ability to regulate what is going on. “

Alan Swank, who will join the council in January after winning a seat in last week’s election, said he was concerned the city’s already understaffed code enforcement office might not have the necessary resources. resources needed to apply the proposed rules, for example if the landlord is actually living in a rented house.

“How is the currently understaffed code office going to know if the person is present or just the owner of the home?” ” He asked.

A public forum on the proposal is scheduled for November 22 in the boardroom.

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City of Welland will allow short-term rentals Thu, 04 Nov 2021 20:31:21 +0000

Council decides to allow short-term rentals, with regulations to be put in place early next year.

The City of Welland has decided to allow short term rentals.

Short-term rental is defined as accommodation rented for 28 days or less, but does not include a bed and breakfast, hotel / motel or boarding house or lodging house.

On Tuesday, council approved a zoning bylaw amendment allowing short-term rental housing as secondary use in industrial, residential and agricultural areas, as well as residential housing in commercial areas.

Currently, short-term rentals are not permitted in Welland, although guest rooms, as well as accessory apartments are permitted.

“We know that short-term rentals already exist in the city,” said CAO Steve Zorbas. “What we are able to do now is regulate them and ensure that anyone operating a short term rental understands that they have a responsibility to ensure that there is no no negative impact on those who live nearby. “

The amendment proposes that short-term rentals have three spare bedrooms or less, be subject to authorization and not display outdoor advertising on the site.

A license fee of $ 1,029.50 has been set, with an annual renewal fee of $ 75.

More Local News

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Local accommodation or vacation rentals? | Opinion Wed, 03 Nov 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Your family members’ schedules finally line up, and you can plan a week-long vacation together. You’re hoping to find a place where you can all be together – not in separate hotel rooms that will likely end up on different floors. So you start looking on a website like Airbnb or VRBO, where you hope to find a condo or house that will suit your whole family for the week.

This method of finding a short-term rental (STR) has only been common for about ten years. Such non-hotel vacation rentals have been available since the 1950s (mostly via newspaper ads), but they have really taken off with the growth of online booking platforms.

A STR assigns a house or condo to vacation renters who stay less than 30 days, often for a week or just a weekend. This removes a housing unit from the local housing stock available for people who work and want to live in the area, not just to visit on vacation.

The ease of use of the new online services has prompted more owners to test their entrepreneurial skills, especially in vacation destinations like Carpinteria. Some occasionally rented a spare bedroom, while others rented their entire house during their trip. Some have ended up jumping in with both feet and buying one or more condos or houses and setting them up as full time DOSs.

This part of the new “sharing economy” has provided business opportunities for some property owners as well as reservation services (including Airbnb and VRBO), property management companies, cleaning services and other support businesses. . But it also introduced far-reaching impacts on neighborhoods and entire communities.

Complaints about STRs are common from nearby neighbors regarding noise, parking, garbage, crime, and the peace in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, some short-term tenants have, well, a short-term attitude: “I’ll be gone in a few days, so I don’t care what the neighbors think.” “

But the less obvious impacts on the whole community are even greater. When a housing unit is converted to a short term rental for visitors, it is lost as a residence for people who wish to live in the community and would rent or buy that unit. Each STR unit therefore reduces the supply of available housing, primarily the smaller units that would have the most affordable long-term rental rates.

But it’s even worse. Even though the supply of available housing decreases, the same number of people still want to live here, so some are unable to find a place to live. Meanwhile, investors who want to create new DOSs are increasing the number of people looking for properties. The result of decreasing supply and increasing demand is that prices go up. People have a hard time finding a place available to rent or buy, and if they do, they find the prices surprisingly high.

To deal with these negative impacts on neighborhoods and the community, the city of Carpinteria instituted in 2017 regulations on STRs, including limits on the number of units authorized in different neighborhoods. Now the city is looking at possible regulatory updates based on what has been learned from the past few years.

Noteworthy data from the staff report on this issue for the September 13, 2021 city council meeting is that 78% of Carpinteria STR owners do not live in Santa Barbara County, many of whom are from out of state. . This means that over three quarters of Carpinteria’s STRs are reducing local housing stock by allowing out-of-county owners to rent our local property to out-of-town tourists!

In this column over the past two months, I have begun to explore the concern “My children will not be able to afford to live here.” The role that STRs play in this larger story is basic supply and demand: reducing the number of available homes means higher prices.

Over the next month or so, Carpinteria city council will continue discussions on possible changes to the city’s STR regulations. It will be up to the city council to weigh the interests of those who wish to use Carpinteria housing as a commercial investment against the impacts on the neighborhoods and the importance for this community to have a range of housing opportunities at the most affordable prices. possible.

The public’s contribution will be significant. If you think the affordability and availability of local housing is important, will you make your voice heard?

Mike Wondolowski is President of the Carpinteria Valley Association (, a local organization dedicated to maintaining the small seaside town nature of our community. In his 30 years of involvement in planning matters, he has witnessed visionary successes, as well as decisions that were later greatly regretted. When not stuck inside, it is often found enjoying the treasures of Carpinteria, including kayaking and snorkeling along the coast, running or hiking the cliffs or the Franklin Trail, or “vacation” as a tent camper at State Beach.

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Vacation Home Market Trends, Evolution of Technology, and Industry Analysis 2027 Mon, 01 Nov 2021 13:06:11 +0000

Thorough primary as well as secondary research on the global Holiday Home market comprises various crucial aspects including qualitative as well as quantitative aspects. The study provides a reliable market share analysis revealing complex business models and complex operational models, followed by an assessment of business development strategies, advanced supply chain systems, innovative sales and marketing techniques. and product / project development. The report also quantifies the exact valuation of the industry along with the market share and size dimensions assessed at global and country level. The global vacation home market forecast incorporated into the report illustratively defines potential market sizes and estimated market share along with anticipated growth projections.

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The product type divides the vacation home market into


Product application divides the vacation home market into

food and drinks

The focus of the Global Vacation Home Market research article is the qualitative aspects covering market drivers, restraints, key trends, opportunities and challenges. A thorough analysis of market drivers precisely identifies the most influential factors improving the opportunistic landscape of the Global Vacation Homes Market. Effectively categorizing market drivers and restraints helps to clearly delineate growth stimulators and inhibitors, providing customers with easily perceivable and valuable information. The report studies the major existing and emerging trends that are fueling the growth and development of the global vacation home market during the forecast period.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis is a primarily knowledgeable part of the Global Vacation Homes Market research report. The research article explains the disruption caused by exposing the unprepared industrial environment to the brutal crisis that effectively swept business dynamics around the world, hampering distribution networks and the supply chain with regulations constantly deployed lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the pandemic form. With limited production capacities and the remaining population already struggling to tackle the unknown biological entity, the global holiday home market has had a negative impact with a drastically staggering decline in product demand and financial capacity vulnerable to looming. instability of infrastructure.

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The goal of the global Holiday Cottages market report is to provide critical information about industry deliverables such as market size, valuation projection, and sales volume. The Holiday Cottages study includes product details as well as benefits for readers to exploit business opportunities and improve annual growth rate over time. Likewise, the research indicates the various growth opportunities of the Vacation Homes market in the coming years. Income earned from market sales is calculated. This study also covers all regions and countries, regional growth status including volume, market size and value, as well as price data.

The global Vacation Home Market research report also provides a detailed assessment of the competitive nature of the market by recruiting key industry players. Competitive assessment displays an accurate survey determining the complete portfolio of market players consisting of products offered, geographic footprint and strategic initiatives highlighting specific business development initiatives such as technology integration and innovative strategies implemented to improve the overall growth of the vacation home market. It also studies the revenue generation and consumption patterns of major market players by evaluating the market presence and gained traction. The study also assesses the latest collaborations, mergers, and partnerships encouraging a bright future for the global Holiday Homes market.

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Kaua’i vacation rentals bounce back Fri, 29 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

LIHU’E – Annual visitor demand for vacation rental units in Kaua’i soared in September.

A new report from the Hawai’i Tourism Authority shows demand, although down from the summer peak, stood at 53,346 overnight stays last month. This is up 1,424.2% compared to September 2020, when 3,500 unit nights were recorded, but still down 42.5% compared to September 2019.

The total number of vacation rentals in Kaua’i, which include homes, condominiums, and private or shared rooms or spaces in private homes, has also jumped in the past year. The HTA report lists a current island-wide supply of 86,978 units, an annual increase of nearly 25,000, or 40%.

Vacation rentals also generate more money. Last month, the average daily rate for a local unit was $ 314.60, about $ 42 more than last September. This means that Kaua’i vacation rentals remain on average among the most expensive in the state. Only units in West Maui have a slightly higher ADR.

The HTA’s Kaua’i statistics reflect trends that go beyond the island. During the year, increases in supply, demand, occupancy and ADR occurred statewide in the past month.

“However, compared to September 2019… the supply, demand and occupancy of vacation rentals were down,” HTA reported.

JP Parrish of Parrish Kaua’i said his own experience “is roughly in line” with the HTA findings, although his business is doing better than before the pandemic.

“I can say that our months of August, September, October, and it looks like November, will definitely be our best ever for the business,” Parrish said in a recent interview.

Parrish Kaua’i’s bookings in 2022 are already off the charts compared to 2019, according to Parrish, but he’s not quite ready to guarantee a bright future.

“It’s a cliché now to say, ‘Hesitant optimism,’” Parrish explained. “The stuff in all of this, as we saw in March 2020, can go haywire. So, assuming we stay on that trajectory when it comes to everything under control, who gets vaccinated and the variants that change the game for us, I’m optimistic for 2022, that’s for sure. “

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We have reached the ceiling for short-term rentals Thu, 28 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

By Mary Brophy Moore

I am frustrated with the booming trend in the Adirondacks, including the town of Webb, where local family homes in once stable neighborhoods are being bought out by townspeople looking to make a jackpot on them. short term rentals.

As a resident since 1986, I have seen the housing market steadily increase in terms of new construction and values. In the early 2000s, especially after 9/11, there was a surge in the number of neighborhood houses being bought by locals, likely to have a place to escape the cities and feel safe. This created “dark” spots in neighborhoods that were previously open year round. But the inhabitants at least knew who their neighbors were even if their presence was sporadic. A direct result of the demand has been a significant increase in property values ​​which has led to the current housing crisis in which residents cannot afford their own homes and fewer quality long term rental units are available. available.

The most recent trend is where homes are purchased primarily for rental purposes, either to help pay the mortgage and taxes on a property used as an occasional second home or to use them only for rental purposes. . In the meantime, this worsens the near-impossible housing situation for residents who do not already own a home, even though the new non-local owners operate rental businesses with virtually no regulation or oversight of any kind.

Threats to our once stable neighborhoods continue to escalate as a result of this trend. Many residents live near homes where different people live every week or weekend. There have been numerous reports of overcrowding and loud tenants. Of course, many tenants are considerate of their neighbors, but may stay in houses that are in poor condition or are too small for the number of people who live there.

In addition to these conditions, local motel, hotel, and cabin rental businesses are subject to regulations and fees that short-term housing owners are not. This amounts to unfair competition.

The short-term rental situation, as it contributes to the lack of affordable long-term housing, has hampered efforts to attract new families to the area. In fact, individuals and families are leaving the city in search of affordable properties.

In my opinion, the city needs to enact bylaws designed to protect residents as well as protect tenants from threats to the safety of people. They should also help ease pressure on municipal services, including water, sewage, garbage collection and emergency services, as well as try to level the playing field for established hotel businesses. There should be an authorization mechanism where those who rent primarily for profit and spend little or no time occupying the residence are subject to substantial fees, including violation fees. When owners have little interest in the welfare of the community, there must be real consequences. Others who are just trying to afford to keep their homes, especially those that have been in the family for generations, should be exempt from fees (barring violations) but be subject to regular inspections and limits on the number of tenants. . Our purely residential areas should benefit from additional protection in the form of limits on rental conditions such as no more than one group of tenants per week. Perhaps in addition to these regulations, given that too many long-term rental units have been converted to short-term housing, the city could give tax breaks to landlords who rent to local tenants in the city. long term.

Of course, regulation is only part of the solution to our housing situation, but it is necessary. Similar regulations are successful in other Adirondack communities, especially where enforcement is adequate. Good, rigorous enforcement practices are essential to make everything work.

Our city council has been working on these issues but seems blocked by objections from some who are renting out their properties. The stability of the neighborhood and the safety of visitors should be the top priorities of our leaders and action must be taken as soon as possible.

– Mary Brophy-Moore lives Thendara, New York

Photos at the top, taken around Old Forge, show many “for rent” signs, but the vast majority advertise short-term vacation rentals. Photos of Jamie Organski

Guest contributor

Guest contributor

The Adirondack Almanac publishes occasional guest essays from Adirondack residents, visitors and those interested in Adirondack Park.

Submissions should be sent to Almanac editor Melissa Hart at [email protected]

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Safety first: assess and manage the security risks in your vacation rentals Thu, 28 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Safety first: assess and manage the security risks in your vacation rentals


ohn early in the morning of January 2021, a devastating fire broke out at a vacation home in Malibu where no smoke detector had been installed. Just 111 days earlier, Malibu City Council had issued an ordinance that, among other things, required the installation of smoke detectors in all short-term rentals. This ordinance was overdue because the state had accepted International Building Code guidelines that smoke detectors should be installed in all transitional locations in the state years ago.

The Malibu tragedy shows that carelessly occupying a home, whether it’s a hotel, condo, vacation rental, or home, comes with many risks.

To address the potential dangers of staying in a hotel or motel and to recognize the evolving needs for fire safety in the hospitality industry, the US government passed the Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990. The Law recognizes that properly installed and maintained smoke detectors and safety markers provide the most effective protection against fires on hotel properties. Sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire exit maps, and hallway fire extinguishers are just some of the many features that hotel guests commonly encounter as a result of this act.

Compare that to occupying a vacation rental or someone else’s house; Unfortunately, similar government precautions have not been put in place. The number of fire-related tragedies and other accidents in rental homes is on the rise, and because mandatory security features such as hallway lighting, exit beacons and clear location indicators fire extinguishers have not been put in place, many tenants who are unfamiliar with a property could be in danger.

Understanding fire safety

So how do you keep your guests safe in your vacation rentals and ensure the safety of your team while doing the same? Smoke detectors are simple but vital home security functions and can make all the difference when properly installed. The National Fire Protection Association says three in five home fire deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke detectors, and 38% of home fire deaths result from fires in which no smoke detectors are present. here. When looking to install or update a smoke detector, there are several ways to make sure you are meeting this safety standard.

1. Choose the best smoke detector on the market. Consumer reports ranked smoke detectors in 2019 and revealed that dual detectors (which use ionization and photoelectric sensors) rank number one.

2. Make sure your smoke detectors are less than ten years old. Statistics show that every year a smoke detector gets older, it becomes less reliable. There is a 30 percent failure rate for smoke detectors over ten years old. For this reason, many models now come with a ten-year sealed battery.

3. Interconnect your smoke detectors. Today’s technology allows smoke detectors to “talk” to each other through wired or wireless communications. A fire warning in one area of ​​the house alerts the alarm in another area and will give more time to notify occupants and let them escape.

Other safety precautions for instrumental rental homes

While fire and smoke accidents are some of the most high-profile misfortunes that can occur in a vacation rental, there are many other risks that guests face that need to be addressed.

Slips, trips and falls

In 2019, 83% of all insurance claims submitted to Proper Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies for vacation rentals, were from slips, trips or falls. Preventing these dangers and injuries in your rentals is actually extremely easy. Making sure handrails are installed on all stairs that meet international building code standards and that rental walkways, indoors and outdoors, are well lit and easy to navigate are simple solutions to a potentially dangerous situation. Ensuring that carpets and other tripping hazards don’t slip and have no raised corners is another easy protection against trip and fall accidents.

Pool and hot tub safety

Unfortunately, pool and spa accidents are one of the leading killers of people under the age of ten in vacation rentals. Customers, many of whom do not have a pool at home, often do not have the knowledge or experience to understand the details that constitute vital swimming pool precautions. Property managers should have the necessary items such as lockable lids, pool rescue poles, lifebuoys and ladders readily available on their properties and should clearly instruct clients where they are and how to use them. Properly installed safety fences and gates with child resistant locks are also a smart installation to provide additional protection against unwanted access to water equipment.

Other amenities

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the amenities they offer, such as fireplaces, barbecues, bicycles, baby gear or other “bonus” items are in fact a growing source of accidents. more frequent.

While they are a great addition and a favorite feature of many vacation homes, grills and fireplaces require specific placement and clear operating instructions to prevent accidents. Grills should be placed at least three feet from combustible walls, fences or other structures and should have a minimum of nine feet of clearance from the surface of the grill. Fireplaces should be placed at least 20 feet from the house and not present a tripping hazard around them. Additionally, inspecting gas line connections and tank O-rings will ensure that the fuel sources for the grill and gas fireplace are not leaking.

Property managers and owners should consider the risks of offering bikes, golf carts, personal watercraft, or other transportation options with their rental. While having these amenities in your home can be great for guests, the risk associated with them is high. Unless a thorough inspection program is in place to inspect all of these items before each tenant uses them, and unless appropriate safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets are available for their use, these items should not be offered or available.

With many families traveling and looking to spend some quality time together, it may seem like a generous offer to let renters use old cribs, high chairs, and portable playpens. Unless each of these items are personally inspected before each use, they pose a huge potential risk to your business and, more importantly, can harm a child.

Professionalism requires security awareness

Reducing risk in your vacation rental (s) protects you and the owner, helps ensure the safest and best experience for guests, and establishes your position as a professional. Across the United States, groups meet at the local level to discuss safety issues and regulations. Many of these groups are coordinated or supported by Rent Responsably, an educational and community development platform for local short-term rental alliances. Insurance companies like Proper Insurance are leading the way in helping secure rentals to reduce insurance claims and prevent tenant injuries. At Breezeway, we have developed safety checklists and inspection programs to help owners ensure their rentals meet current safety standards.

The topic of safety is important and can provide common ground for homeowners, insurers and local regulators to work together to improve their communities and industry. Responsible managers who deal with security items in their rental properties are more likely to respond to other issues, such as parking, garbage, and parties, which can ease community tensions over vacation rentals. . With the dedication of time, effort, research, and the proper safety measures, vacation rental managers can have a positive relationship with the community and provide the best experience for their guests.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Short Term Rental Discussed at Works Council | Home Wed, 27 Oct 2021 12:38:00 +0000

The question of whether short-term rentals should be allowed in all parts of Enterprise was the subject of differing views at Enterprise’s city council meeting on October 19.

Questions that are not necessarily on the agenda can be addressed by citizens during the “speaking privilege” part of each meeting of the municipal works council. The pros and cons of short-term rental in residential areas was the issue brought to the council table at the second voting meeting in October.

The council ultimately votes on recommendations made by the Planning Commission which is the entity that holds public hearings on issues regarding changes to existing zoning ordinances and reviews subdivision bylaws for the city. The issue of short-term leasing should first be brought to this body for consideration, Enterprise City Council Chairman Turner Townsend said after each of the citizens’ presentations.

“This is obviously a contentious issue. It’s going to be controversial. We will have to make compromises, ”he said. “This is the start. It’ll probably start in the planning commission because they’re the ones dealing with the zoning issues, but it’ll end up on our desk and we’ll be the decision-makers, so we’ll do our homework.”

Townsend said contact details for council members can be found on the town’s website. “Come closer to us,” he encouraged. “Any regulation currently in force can and should be applied. We are decision makers, we are not policy enforcers. If the laws are broken, call the city.

The problem is a home on 107 Lake Ridge Drive in Enterprise whose owners have listed the residence as a short-term rental, sometimes referred to as an airbnb.

Airbnb, Inc. is a San Francisco, California-based company that operates an online marketplace for short-term accommodation, but the word is often used synonymously with short-term rentals.

“As a group we are ready to talk to everyone, but this is something new and people fear what they don’t understand,” said Kristie Long, owner of 107 Lake Ridge Drive, who added that she and her husband had recently moved to Fort Rucker. .

“Airbnb is a rental option that allows owners to have significant control over one of their most valuable financial assets,” Long told the board. “Landlords choose short term rental over long term rental as they can ensure their property is well maintained and in the rare event that a tenant is unruly the tenant can be kicked out of the property quickly and with little resistance.

“The benefits of airbnb on the community are endless,” she said. “The owners furnish their rentals with local furniture, soaps and works of art. We employ a variety of companies to clean, maintain yards, do laundry, and improve our rentals. The better our properties are kept, the better our reviews will directly affect the number of bookings we can get.

“People from all over the world are traveling to Enterprise for flight school graduation ceremonies, sporting events and travel jobs,” Long said. “They stay in the city which has a reputation for upholding the rights given to us by God and our ancestors. These rights include our property rights, the right to control, and the right to allow others to use our property, which are just two of these rights.

Long gave each of the board members a copy of the Alabama Supreme Court decision in Slaby v Mountain River Estates. “In this case, it has been established that airbnb as well as other short-term rental possibilities are considered residential use. This 2012 case prioritizes short-term rentals in Alabama.

“In response to the possibility of tax regulations being imposed on short-term rentals, I am still against taxing people in unnecessary proportions. This use of the property falls under the Alabama Accommodation Tax Act, which Airbnb has committed to pay on my behalf, ”Long added. “The City of Enterprise also has a 9% tax law, so every time my guest goes shopping or dines out they have to pay this 9% tax. “I am for preventing any additional tax. I want this to be clear, but it is to be discussed. We are all here for everyone’s sake, ”Long said. “Creating orders and taxing unreasonably hinders the progress and growth of businesses. “

Kathy Pattie, a resident of 105 Lake Ridge Drive, presented council with a petition signed by residents of the neighborhood who oppose any residence in the neighborhood being used for short-term rentals.

“The things that are right are done in the light and the things that you know to be wrong you keep them hidden for as long as you can,” Pattie said, noting that the neighbors have learned about the use of Long’s house. as short term rental via social media. groups. “Our neighborhood sanctuary is currently under threat from the owners of 107 Lake Ridge Drive.

“Without telling anyone in the neighborhood, they listed their house as temporary accommodation on Airbnb and VRBO. The ad features images, some of which imply that my garden came with the case. Most worrying is that it is advertised on Facebook as a location for bachelor / bachelorette parties, weekend getaways on the lake, and venues for other events that will completely crowd the streets as it doesn’t. ‘there’s nowhere to park,’ Pattie said. “We are anything but a passing neighborhood. The vast majority of people on my street have lived there for over 20 years. It’s calm and family-friendly.

“We only found out about this proposed use when several (neighborhood) residents received the list on social media,” Pattie added. “So far, the owners haven’t told anyone about their project, even their closest neighbors.

“It took a night to ruin the peace and sanctity of our neighborhood,” she said, showing council a video that a short-term tenant uploaded via social media inviting friends to a party at the residence. “It was a big blow. Snoop would have been proud to be invited, ”she said, referring to an American rap musician. “There was so much smoke coming out of this house that neighbors passing by said they were about to have a ‘contact high’.

Pattie said the neighborhood is the R-100 zone. “According to the definition provided, this means” to provide and preserve land for the purposes of single-family dwelling units and other compatible uses. ” It would seem that using this house as a vacation rental defies being one family and defying the word habitation since they will only be staying a few nights, ”she said, adding that the city code dictates the number of short-term parking spaces. term rentals. “There is only space for two tightly parked cars at the house, and any additional parking should overflow onto the street.

“Please help us preserve our real estate values, our quiet and peaceful neighborhood, and the personal safety of all residents by turning down this business in our residential neighborhood,” Pattie said. “We are asking that the zoning ordinances in place be enforced and that you realize that this is a bed and breakfast, motel or rooming house. It’s definitely anything but a single family home.

Other citizens who said they own short-term rentals or manage short-term rentals for landlords spoke out in favor of allowing the 111 short-term rentals currently operated in Enterprise to continue to do it. “Steps need to be put in place to prevent the kinds of activities that Ms. Pattie was referring to,” said Cara Catrett, who has managed short-term rentals in three states for the past 15 years. “I ask you not to adopt a broad ban on them.”

The next meeting of the Business Planning Commission will be held on November 23 at 4:30 p.m. in the boardroom of the Enterprise Town Hall.

The next Enterprise Town Council meeting will take place on November 2 in the Enterprise Town Hall Council Chamber. A working session begins at 5:00 p.m. A voting session begins at 6:00 p.m. Both sessions are open to the public.

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Jean Paul Gaultier ventures into vintage, rental Tue, 26 Oct 2021 04:27:42 +0000

Jean Paul Gaultier’s managing director Antoine Gagey calls the French house’s archives a gold mine, as they cover more than 30,000 pieces created by the beloved French enfant terrible during a fashion career spectacular 50 years.

Now the brand is opening this bounty to the public by renting out spectacular runway looks as part of a revamped website that will also sell vintage selections, with the ultimate goal of reclaiming the resale business as an internal business. .

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Scheduled to go live on Wednesday, the site crystallizes the company’s new dynamic with its digital-first distribution model, rotating creative teams, drops instead of collections – and a return to ready-to-wear, six years after the founder quit the men’s and women’s rtw and 21 months after the acclaimed designer stepped off the catwalks.

In an exclusive interview, Gagey said his first rtw fly last May, a collection devoted to new interpretations of Gaultier’s favorite marine theme, actually sold out “within hours”, confirming a keen interest in the brand and its new approach, which also included freewheeling collaborations, recycled items and “interventions” on garments by the expert hands of the Gaultier tailoring workshop.

“We thought there was potential, and we are very, very happy with our first results,” he said, citing the particular enthusiasm of consumers in France, the United States and the United Kingdom. .

A unique couture collection by Chitose Abe of Sacai last July – the plan is to invite a different guest designer each season – was also a hit. A three-way collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier, Sacai and Nike on a Vaporwaffle sneaker sold out in minutes, while rtw items co-branded in tandem with couture sold out within days.

The new online store – with improved functionality and editorial elements – represents the brand’s main window to the world, a cutting-edge concept store blending an array of product categories, including fragrances, but without the usual screening of men and women.

“We wanted it to be genderless. It’s a way of reaffirming that we are Jean Paul Gaultier, we are fluid between the sexes, ”said Gagey, speaking in the house’s couture salons designed by Philippe Starck.

In addition, “we want to explore new ways to buy and experience fashion by mixing on the same platform, on the same page, new looks from our design studio, design collaborations with certain guests, the re-release of iconic and also vintage pieces, ”he said.

For example, the new-look site will go live on Wednesday with a wide range of clothing based on the punk style, including tartan suits, knits and jersey pieces sporting historic logos; a collaboration with New York-based outerwear company Schott around personalized vintage perfecto jackets and a range of products from Parisian accessory designer Stéphanie D’heygere, including tin bracelets and blade rings Shaver.

A look of the new drop on the punk theme.  - Credit: Courtesy

A look of the new punk themed drop. – Credit: Courtesy


For the true fanatics of the house, which has often glamorized smoking, there will also be limited edition resin ashtrays encrusted with artifacts from the tailoring shop such as embroidered clothing tags, forgotten pins and cigarette butts. of cigarettes.

The ability to rent Gaultier rtw archives, including looks from the ’80s and’ 90s, opens up the designer brand to a much wider audience, with prices ranging from around 150 euros for a scarf to 700 euros for a dress. cage style evening.

The service, set to launch soon, comes at a time when Millennials and Gen Z are starting to shy away from fast fashion in favor of sustainable basics, and are turning to vintage or rental for more experimental fashion statements.

The initial cache of archival looks for rent includes several dresses incorporating the designer’s famous conical satin bra and a studded men’s denim outfit. Around thirty items should be available for hire initially.

This “cage” dress is one of the looks from the Jean Paul Gaultier catwalks that will be available for hire.  - Credit: Courtesy

This “cage” dress is one of the looks from the Jean Paul Gaultier catwalks that will be available for hire. – Credit: Courtesy


“We will renew the offering based on trends, for example if we see certain items in the vintage market evolve or expand,” Gagey explained. “The idea is to renew, to surprise the customer and to give him the opportunity to wear different Jean Paul Gaultier pieces that he will not be able to buy simply because he does not exist. These are samples.

The executive said the intention is to keep the rental service fairly exclusive and not “take over the market”. It’s another way for us to explore and connect with the whole fan base, ”he noted.

The Puig-owned fashion house began meticulously cataloging its archives – repairing, classifying, scanning and moving clothing and accessories to safe storage – about a year ago, and there is still work to be done.

Gagey said the new site will launch with around 50 vintage items for sale, from private customers and dealers, with the ultimate goal of becoming the dominant dealer of the pre-loved Jean Paul Gaultier. He said discussions were underway with leading resale markets “on potential ways to work together. Why not get some help from them? But we want to manage the vintage business… It’s very strategic for us.

A spring 1998 Jean Paul Gaultier look for sale on the brand's new website.  - Credit: Courtesy

A Jean Paul Gaultier spring 1998 look for sale on the brand’s new website. – Credit: Courtesy


The executive has shown keen interest in vintage Gaultier – and rising resale prices – on platforms as important as Vestiaire Collective and Depop, the latter renowned for its young audience.

“I think the vintage market is the number one barometer for measuring Jean Paul Gaultier brand equity, especially for us as our business is restarting,” he said. “We have also noticed that some of the products that we have discontinued in the last two months, which were available in very limited quantities … are also resold in secondary markets, sometimes at 20 times the price we were selling a few weeks before on our platform.

Examples include a navy striped tulle dress and t-shirt made in collaboration with daring rapper Lil Nas X, which Gagey compared to the current version of the hit Madonna collaboration of yore.

Although digital remains the primary distribution vehicle for the renovated home, it plans to work with online and offline wholesalers for specific collection drops.

For example, the new punk line will be sold in all Dover Street Market stores around the world, Selfridges in London, Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées in Paris, Voo Store in Berlin and Canadian e-merchant, which also offered the marine rtw drop theme.

Gagey cited two main clientele: more mature, lifelong fans of the beloved French designer, and a younger generation who are now discovering the founding couturier’s revolutionary and inclusive fashions and eager to shop in accessible product categories, such as the jersey, with the new rtw drops.

T-shirts with logo fill all sizes - from two months up to 4XL.  - Credit: Courtesy

T-shirts with logo are suitable for all sizes from two months to 4XL. – Credit: Courtesy


Illustrating the house’s goal of reaching as wide an audience as possible – in keeping with the come-one, come-all ethic initiated by the founder – one of the logo t-shirts from the punk collection is available in sizes, ranging from two months to 4XL.

Gagey noted that the next rtw drop is tentatively scheduled for March, while his second guest designer, Glenn Martens, will unveil an haute couture collection in Paris next January.


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