Guesthouse accommodation – Mino Warabi Fri, 30 Sep 2022 13:14:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Guesthouse accommodation – Mino Warabi 32 32 Row of holiday homes being built near Stockton cottage Fri, 30 Sep 2022 13:14:00 +0000 Plans to create a country holiday rental in the annex of a cottage in Eaglescliffe have been approved despite objections from neighbours.

Members of Stockton Council’s planning committee took less than ten minutes to approve the application for a detached residential property on the plot of North Cottage, Trafford Hill, near Aislaby Road, which required change of use permission .

Seven objections were received from local residents with concerns such as the impact on the amenity of neighboring properties, road safety, anti-social behavior and excessive development of the site.

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It was also feared that it would set a precedent for other vacation rentals in the area.

A report said the proposal, which also included associated parking, was an acceptable form of development and would not negatively impact the character or amenities of the area, or traffic safety.

He said: “The proposal is an existing building, the design of which – apart from some modifications – has been approved under previous applications.

“The proposal would provide tourist accommodation close to services and attractions in Yarm and Eaglescliffe and it is widely recognized that additional overnight accommodation would contribute to the wider economy as a base for visiting facilities and attractions. thereby making a positive contribution to the local economy.”

The report added: ‘It is recognized that a holiday cottage would be introduced to this small, secluded community and accepted that the accommodation would be of a more transient nature as different guests are likely to stay there frequently throughout the year. year.

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“However, overall it would not be a fundamentally different level of activity than would typically be associated with residential housing.”

He also said that while a vacation home may create an increased noise level – and given the separation distances from neighboring properties – the addition of a vacation rental was not considered to have a significant impact. beyond likely disruptions to the host dwelling. , or the current use of the building as a residential annex.

The conditions included in the authorization that was granted included that the owners/operators must maintain an up-to-date register of the names of all the occupants of the accommodation and their principal residence addresses.

Containers would also be needed in the premises for the storage and disposal of food waste and other waste.

York Hosting Plan Faces Opposition Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:02:24 +0000 Short-term residential housing projects in Haxby Road, York, are facing opposition.

Charlotte Harrison is looking to change the use of a two storey building used for auxiliary storage at 40 Haxby Road. Visual changes are described as “minimal”.

The planning application stated: ‘The auxiliary building was previously part of a larger building used as a commercial workshop from 1960 to 2002 for the repair of bicycles and was used in conjunction with a former bicycle shop at 46 and 48 Haxby Road. The building underwent a “change of use” into storage for residences 40, 44, 46 and 48 and was sold in separate lots in 2007.

“We bought the property in early 2009 and have used it for home storage ever since. In October 2009 the owner adjacent to No 42 successfully applied for a ‘change of use’ from storage to accommodation. This has been used as short term residential accommodation since 2010 when the work was completed.

“In addition, No. 5 Markham St, which shares a boundary with the site, is a guest house called Thornfield House Bed and Breakfast.”

However, the Guildhall Planning Panel commented: “We are concerned that this overdevelopment under the guise of short-term rental with little natural light and windows provided may be unsuitable for the site. Additional traffic and parking is a concern.

Pregnant women housed in ‘dehumanizing’ asylum accommodation in Glasgow Sat, 24 Sep 2022 04:00:05 +0000 Pregnant women and mothers with newborns are being housed in ‘dehumanizing’ accommodation without adequate food or facilities, a charity has claimed.

A dozen pregnant women and new mothers seeking asylum have been placed at McLays Guest House, where they live in cramped single rooms with no access to cooking facilities.

Home Office contractor Mears attributed the situation to a shortage of suitable housing in the community and said the set up was only an “emergency measure”.

However, women living at the hotel said the food provided was not entirely nutritious for expectant mothers, including a woman with diabetes which she struggled to control.

They also feared that they would not be able to provide appropriate care for their infants.

As the B&B is fully serviced, women are entitled to £8.24 per week on a prepaid Asylum Support Enablement Card (ASPEN).

Some have not yet received their right and therefore have no funds.

Robina Qureshi, CEO of charity Positive Action in Housing, said: ‘They haven’t had a baby box or support or resources to prepare their baby, which is something every mother wants to do.

“It’s been going on for months.

“At a time when we can all see the need for Ukrainian war refugees to receive benefits, the right to work and resettlement assistance, why the Home Office and its accommodation contractor Mears Group do they treat pregnant women and new mothers who are also fleeing war or the persecution of war refugees, and happen to be non-European and of color, in such a dehumanizing way.

“Accommodating large numbers of pregnant women in hotels without specific support is inappropriate and potentially dangerous.”

Mears said ‘all’ family requirements are being met, including bottles, changing mats and nappies, but said residents are being reported to charities for help with clothes and strollers .

A spokesperson said all food provided meets NHS Eatwell guidelines and service users with diabetes are catered for.

The women, mostly from African countries such as Sierra Leone, Somalia and Namibia, include three women residing in McLays who are hospitalized and have given birth, five pregnant women in McLays and two others who have just given birth and are income. at the hotel instead of their own private accommodation.

McLays Guest House on Renfrew Street in Glasgow Photo: Gordon Terris

A woman, who has now given birth, told the Herald she would have to take her baby to bed with her as the room was too small for a cot.

She had to refuse materials for her newborn baby because there was no place to keep it.

Another woman said she was moved to McLays after being accommodated in a hotel in Paisley overlooking Glasgow Airport.

She said: ‘When I woke up and saw the airport every day I thought they were going to take me away.

“I was crying and they moved me and brought me to McLays.

“The food here is not good. Complaining is useless, there is no change.

Although the women said they were grateful for the support and accommodation they had received, they worried about their children.

One said: “I have food, I have a roof over my head, I sleep in safety and I wake up.

“We say thank God that we have food for free, we say thank you because you can’t afford it and people give it to you.”

A mother-to-be said, “For me, where I come from, the environment here is better because there is no fighting or killing.

“I can say for myself that the room I sleep in now is better than the one I slept in at home because it was very difficult.

“People here are good and will help.

“I never imagined that I would get this support – free clothes, medical care, for the baby…”

Shocked, she added: “I can’t talk anymore.

Another woman, in her early twenties, had slept rough for a month before being housed at McLays.

She described the monotony of her daily routine, compounded by the lack of access to funds.

She said: ‘At the hotel you have the same life routine every day. You eat the same food every day, it’s the same way of life, nothing changes.

“I wouldn’t want to be very pregnant there. [on the streets] but going through the things that we go through and having to live this tense life that you just have to hold on to, it’s really not easy.

“I get up and go to have breakfast, then if I don’t have morning sickness and I don’t feel tired, I go for a walk.

“But if I feel sick, I stay in my room and wait for lunch, then I stay in my room and wait for dinner.”

Positive Action in Housing has organized hospital bags and volunteers to provide individual support for each woman while the charity’s Emergency Relief Fund provides funds for clothing, nutritious food and items for babies.

Ms Qureshi said staff were also asking the Home Office to provide private accommodation for the new families.

She added: ‘The Home Office’s use of hotels as accommodation for pregnant women and mothers with newborn babies is dangerous and unacceptable.

“We have dealt with similar cases over the past year in Glasgow, and midwives have consistently described bed and breakfasts and hotels as ‘totally unsuitable’.

“In addition, they will need safe bedding for the baby.

“This violates the most basic human rights and puts the most vulnerable children at risk.”

A spokesperson for Mears said: “We are currently accommodating a small number of pregnant service users and service users with young children on a short-term basis at McLays Guest House, while we arrange suitable alternative accommodation. ”

A Home Office spokesperson added: ‘Pregnant women and mothers of newborns who apply for asylum and are destitute receive support while we consider their application, including free accommodation, services public and a weekly allowance.

“New mothers can apply for additional financial support.”

A wine stay! Inside the stunning boutique-style accommodation of the year at the Mitchelton Hotel in Nagambie Wed, 14 Sep 2022 04:12:00 +0000

It just won ‘Boutique Style Accommodation of the Year’ and upon checking out Victoria’s Mitchelton Winery, it really isn’t hard to see why.

Located in Nagambie, about an hour and a half drive north of Melbourne’s CBD, Mitchelton is not only one of the most beloved wineries in the state, but it is also home to a hotel, day spa, art gallery and restaurant.

As you walk through the cellar entrance, there are two amazing features of the site that are impossible to miss.

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The first is the historic 55-metre tower that overlooks the vines and has become the Mitchelton logo. The second is the River Goulburn, which meanders behind the hotel and restaurant.

The historic 55m tower overlooks vineyards and the Goulburn River winds its way behind the hotel and restaurant. Credit:

The boutique hotel

The 54-room boutique hotel opened in Mitchelton in 2018 and was designed by famed Hecker Guthrie.

The hotel’s style has the perfect touch of modern luxury, while staying true to its quaint backyard with earthy touches throughout.

There are several types of rooms offering either a view of the vineyard or a view of the river.

The breathtaking view from Mitchelton’s iconic 55m tower. Credit:

The intimate rooms are perfect for a romantic getaway and each feature a private terrace or balcony, wireless sound system, smart TV, Grown Alchemist amenities and gourmet mini-bar .

There is a choice of a king size bed or a single king size bed.

There is a swimming pool which overlooks the River Goulburn with exclusive access for guests. Credit:

While a comfortable stay may appeal to many during the winter months, there is also a swimming pool which overlooks the River Goulburn with exclusive access for guests when it is warmer outside.

Rooms start around $355 for a one night stay.

The day spa

While staying at the Mitchelton Hotel, guests can take advantage of the on-site day spa, which also opened in 2018.

First put on a bathrobe and slippers which are provided in the room, then simply stroll down the hotel hallway to access a wide range of services, each perfectly tailored to the individual.

It can be easy to drink, eat, and relax in Mitchelton, but visitors should keep 10 minutes free to take the elevator to the top of the 55-meter tower with picturesque views of the winery.

While staying at the Mitchelton Hotel, guests can take advantage of the on-site day spa, which also opened in 2018. Credit:


Mitchelton’s on-site restaurant, called The museoffers breakfast, lunch and dinner services with versatility and fresh local produce at its heart.

The kitchen is ‘modern farmhouse’ and the current winter menu includes dishes such as homemade ciabatta with parmesan butter, corn and manchego croquettes, heirloom beets with cashew cream and candied nuts, wild game and saltwater barramundi.

Pancakes of chickpeas and old beets with cashew nut cream. Credit:

Dessert should never be skipped.

Diners can find fun and tasty treats like Honey Joy Cheesecake with Poached Rhubarb or Dark Chocolate Mousse with Feuilletine and Raspberry Jelly.

And diners can, of course, pair all their dishes with the award-winning Mitchelton wines they’ve spent 50 years perfecting.

Dark chocolate mousse with feuilletine and raspberry jelly and risotto with herbs and peas Credit:

The cellar door

Those who want to try a sip before ordering their meal should drop by the award-winning cellar door before lunch or dinner.

Tasters can choose their own experience by selecting the wines they wish to taste or be guided by the knowledgeable staff.

There’s a huge wine list on offer, including Mitchelton Estate single-vineyard chardonnay and Mitchelton Estate-grown Heathcote Shiraz.

The Mitchelton Cellar is open seven days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The gallery

Perhaps the most unique and special part of the winery is the fact that it has the Mitchelton Gallery of Aboriginal Art.

The space is Australia’s largest commercial Aboriginal art gallery and almost all of the works can be purchased.

It currently features works by Gabriella’s Possum Nungurrayi, who uses vibrant colors to express her strong connection to the country.

Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi’s artwork is also featured on some of the wine labels that can be purchased at the cellar door.

The National Indoor Athletics Training Center will be used for emergency accommodation for refugees Fri, 02 Sep 2022 16:13:00 +0000

THE NATIONAL INDOOR ATHLETICS TRAINING CENTER will be made available to assist with emergency accommodation for refugees, Sport Ireland announced it.

Located in the National Indoor Arena, the state-owned facility will be available for up to six weeks as part of an emergency response initiative.

In a statement today, Sport Ireland said the decision will have a “temporary impact on regular users of the facility”, but added it was grateful for the support for the measure.

“Sport Ireland is pleased to be able to respond positively to the government’s request to make the National Indoor Athletics Training Center available to support current refugee accommodation challenges,” said the CEO, Dr. Una May.

“This emergency initiative will last for up to six weeks, allowing the relevant authorities to provide more permanent accommodation for the refugees. Thereafter, the arena will be available for the start of the indoor track and field season.

“Sport has been a welcome lifeline for many refugees arriving in Ireland in recent months and the wider sport sector is to be commended for this. Sport Ireland facilities will offer the use of Sport Ireland campus facilities for the use of refugees for the duration of their stay.

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“Sport Ireland would like to express their gratitude to the clients of the National Indoor Athletics Training Center for their patience and understanding on this matter.”

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Family lives in tent because emergency accommodation was ‘worse than prison’ | World | New Thu, 01 Sep 2022 07:00:00 +0000

Alan Fitzpatrick, 37, his wife Kelly, 30, and their children, Kasey, 17, Jack, 10, and Bobby, 6, have set up camp on a patch of grass in Clondalkin, Dublin. They had been given emergency accommodation in a Dublin city center hotel by South Dublin County Council last Friday evening, August 26.

The family of five had been living in a house in Clondalkin under the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme for 11 years.

However, in January they were told by their landlord that they would have to vacate the property on August 26, reports Dublin Live.

The couple have been searching for suitable accommodation since January to no avail.

After spending four nights in emergency accommodation in a Dublin city center hotel, they refused to stay there due to the allegedly deplorable conditions.

Kelly claims that due to the room becoming infested with bugs, she caught a skin infection.

She saw her GP who wrote a letter saying she ‘had witnessed a rash due to insect infestation from the emergency accommodation she was in’.

‘I would appreciate if you could facilitate suitable accommodation for her and her family,’ he told South Dublin County Council.

In apparent videos of the single bedroom, seen by Dublin Live, it contained two bunk beds, a single bed and a broken TV.

The outside of the windows were covered in what appeared to be vomit from the room above. Another video shows cockroaches scurrying around.

“We are forced to return to the emergency accommodation – a so-called hotel – because the Council has said we will be taken off the accommodation list if we don’t,” Alan said.

“When we entered the hotel, the room was worse than a prison cell.

“Our boys ran out crying and refused to sleep there, so they stayed with their grandparents for the weekend.

“We had to call an ambulance for Kasey as she fell ill and is still in hospital.

“We showed the Council the doctor’s letter and the ward records and were told we still had to come back or we weren’t on the list.

“So we have no choice but to pitch a tent on the green to be close to the children’s schools, our family, our friends and our neighbours.”

A spokesperson for South Dublin County Council said: “The council does not comment on individual cases, but any complaints received, relating to emergency and other accommodation provided to homeless households, are automatically referred to Dublin Regional. Homeless Executive for investigation.”

What are the different types of accommodation available for your trips? Thu, 25 Aug 2022 14:14:46 +0000
Picture of Sadnos

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us to stay home, making us think less about travel. We rarely consider our needs and travel style when planning vacations. Most of the time, we stick to what we know and play it safe.

But a world of possibilities awaits us, offering new perspectives and unique experiences that could be better for our tourists. Each type of travel accommodation offers distinct amenities and experiences. This article discusses hostels, guesthouses, apartments, and hotels based on their amenities.

Here are some of the best travel accommodations you can enjoy!

  1. Serviced apartments

The apartments were once intended for families with children and groups of friends looking for affordable accommodation. Tourism has changed, especially in Asian cities. Many places like Hong Kong have many short and long term rentals.

Lots of luxury serviced apartments include private bedrooms, kitchen, living room, laundry room and chill out area. These apartments are perfect for millennial work trips and solo trips, as they allow you to make friends and see different cultures while maintaining your privacy.

  1. Independent accommodation

For longer stays or if you want your own cooking space, apartments, cottages, chalets and villas are ideal. Many self-catering properties have superb furnishings and fittings, allowing you to stay as long as needed. In warmer countries, villas may have their own swimming pool so you can relax in the sun.

Look for apartments on VRBO or Airbnb. VRBO has villas, cottages and self-catering accommodation in 190 countries.

Home-sitting allows for flexible long-term travel. When a homeowner is gone, someone has to take care of their house. This arrangement includes housework, pet sitting, and other duties. Homeowners can rest easy knowing their home is safe, while the traveler enjoys free, comfortable accommodation.

Home-guarding travelers need experience and references and may need to spend more time on websites and social media. CouchSurfing is similar, but the hosts are at home and may be local guides.

  1. Hotels

Most people stay in hotels and they can vary in size. Independent hotels or hotel chains can operate them. Hotel complexes exist.

  1. Guest rooms

Bed and breakfasts offer bed and breakfast service to travelers. Bed and breakfasts are a kind of guesthouse or homestay. Owners usually reside in the accommodation and share their space with that of the guests. An English-style breakfast is served.

  1. Lodges

Luxury lodges are welcoming and cater to sophisticated guests. Enjoy delicious meals, top notch service and one of the best luxury vacation rentals experiences you will ever have.

Unique hotels offer spa treatments, private golf, helicopter rides, nature activities, and more. A beautiful lodge offers an incredible vacation.

  1. Resorts

In addition to hotels, resorts are a viable alternative for a place to stay. Family vacations are best spent at all-inclusive, self-contained resorts. They can be found near cities or in more rural and secluded areas that are perfect for romantic getaways like honeymoons.

  1. Boutique hotel

Exquisite establishments are usually housed in venerable old structures. Their services are on par with those offered by 5-star hotels. They tend to be modest and comfortable, with a one-of-a-kind layout and perhaps a rich historical past.

  1. Motel

Conveniently located next to the highway, this hotel enjoys a convenient location. Parking spaces are a necessity for these establishments. There must be at least 10 rooms in the motel, most of them double or single. Catering services are also available. Most motels are in the suburbs or along major highways.

  1. Camping

Facilities with security guards where visitors can park their motorhomes, motorhomes and other mobile homes are all available. Campers are encouraged to bring their own food and park their vehicle on site. Bungalows are a popular accommodation choice in some hotels (camping houses).

  1. Cottages on the farm

If you’re looking for a truly unique way to experience rural areas, a farm is the way to go. Your guests will stay with the host, much like a Bed & Breakfast, but with the added bonus of participating in a variety of hands-on activities.

In a small group (two adults and up to four children), a farm stay will make you feel like you’re staying with a local farmer and his family.


Here are some common travel accommodation types that we know and use frequently. We hope the above guide will serve to spread the good knowledge you are looking for. Have a good trip !

Emergency shelter needed in North Kildare Wed, 24 Aug 2022 14:00:00 +0000

An emergency shelter is needed in North East Kildare.

Indeed, many more people are being evicted because landlords are selling property.

And Cllr Naoise Ó Cearúil said less than a dozen houses were recently available for families to rent in Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip and Kilcock.

Cllr Naoise Ó Cearúil

He told a Kildare County Council meeting that many of the few properties available are not suitable for families.

He said the council should try to help reduce the trauma for families during evictions.

And he also said relocating families to other towns like Newbridge when the children are at school in Celbridge “is completely unfair”.

He said the northeast of the county should be prioritized.

Michael Garry House in Newbridge can sleep up to 21 people while Kerdiffstown House near Naas provides temporary assisted accommodation for up to 40 single adults and cold weather beds are provided all winter with up to 20 beds available if needed.

A four-suite family center is located in Prosperous and emergency accommodation is also provided as needed at a large guesthouse in the Celbridge area.

The meeting also heard that a Jigginstown mansion in Naas provides a dozen front-door clean transitional units for young adults coming out of emergency accommodation.

There is also a family center in Athy which has seven family suites and two one-bedroom transitional units.

There are also two shared accommodation properties operated on behalf of KCC in the Athy area, allowing for roaming to be extended to up to five people.

KCC manager Christine O’Grady also points out that providing emergency accommodation in the north county would require the acquisition of a suitable facility and the purchase of a homeless service provider. to operate it on behalf of the council – and it would be subject to the approval and funding of the Department of Housing and Local Government. Councilor Tim Durkan has urged KCC to buy homes whose Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) tenants are being evicted. He said that would be better than moving them to towns like Dundalk or Navan.

KCC official Annette Aspell said efforts had previously been made to find suitable premises in the northeast of the county, but had been unsuccessful.

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Accommodation time capsule and “devil” museum: discovering the European capital of culture Kaunas Mon, 22 Aug 2022 13:17:13 +0000

There is a crystal perfume bottle on the dressing table in every room at Villa Grabyte in Kaunas, Lithuania.

An information sheet, placed next to one of the bottles, explains that the liquid inside has notes of white lilac, old wooden furniture and heavy books.

The villa owners had it created to imitate the scents that were made in Lithuania during the interwar period (1918 to 1940) and vaping it is just one of the ways guests can enjoy themselves. immerse in this period when staying at the property.

Pictured is the living room of Villa Grabyte, a guest house designed to give visitors the impression of living in the interwar period (1918 to 1940). In the background of the photo you can see the wireless replica which allows guests to listen to period music.

Pictured is an apartment from the 1970s where you can stay in Kaunas.  It comes with a Soviet-era ¿Chaika¿ vacuum cleaner and a record player that lets you listen to Soviet-era records

Pictured is an apartment from the 1970s where you can stay in Kaunas. It comes with a Soviet-era “Chaika” vacuum cleaner and a record player that lets you listen to Soviet-era records.

This photo shows the perfume provided to guests of Villa Grabyte.  The owners of the villa had it created to imitate the perfumes that were made in Lithuania during the interwar period

This photo shows the perfume provided to guests of Villa Grabyte. The owners of the villa had it created to imitate the perfumes that were made in Lithuania during the interwar period

When they open the wardrobes they find inter-war style clothes they can try on and when they relax in the living room they can listen to the music of the era on the wireless replica.

Villa Grabyte is not the only immersive accommodation option available in Kaunas.

Elsewhere in town, you can stay in a 1970s apartment equipped with a Soviet-era “Chaika” vacuum cleaner and a record player that lets you play Soviet-era records.

Experiences like this are what characterize a visit to Kaunas in 2022, I discovered during my trip there.

The former capital of Lithuania is one of three European Capitals of Culture this year (the other two are Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg and Novi Sad in Serbia) and, in addition to offering a program of events throughout the year the city has developed a range of new cultural activities to celebrate.

Liberty Boulevard (photo) is the main street of Kaunas.  It is pedestrianized and lined with shops, bars, restaurants and an assortment of bakeries

Liberty Boulevard (photo) is the main street of Kaunas. It is pedestrianized and lined with shops, bars, restaurants and an assortment of bakeries

The medieval Kaunas Castle (pictured), with its roof shaped like a wizard's hat, is located near the Old Town Square

The medieval Kaunas Castle (pictured), with its roof shaped like a wizard’s hat, is located near the Old Town Square

This photo shows the Saint-Michel-Archange church with its forget-me-not blue domes.  It is located at the top of Liberty Boulevard

This photo shows the Saint-Michel-Archange church with its forget-me-not blue domes. It is located at the top of Liberty Boulevard

In addition to staying in time travel accommodation, visitors can now take a free walking tour with a ‘cultural host’ or a guided driving tour as part of the new Culture Ride offer.

Both types of tours are led by Kaunas locals with specific areas of expertise, such as photography, modernist architecture (there are over 600 modernist buildings in the city) and street art ( there are 30 murals to find and some are three stories tall). ).

Of course, if you prefer to visit the sites at your own pace rather than with a guide, Kaunas is made for strolling. I lost several hours wandering alone on the main pedestrian street – Liberty Boulevard.

There are more than 600 modernist buildings in Kaunas.  The old post office (photo) is one of the most imposing.  To learn more about modernist architecture, you can take a free tour with a cultural host of Kaunas 2022

There are more than 600 modernist buildings in Kaunas. The old post office (photo) is one of the most imposing. To learn more about modernist architecture, you can take a free tour with a cultural host of Kaunas 2022

Venture on the

Venture over the “Vytautas the Great Bridge” and you will find the Aleksotas funicular (photo). This 1930s railway climbs up the hillside to a lookout point that offers stunning views of Kaunas

To celebrate its year as European Capital of Culture, Kaunas has developed a Culture Ride initiative, which allows you to take free car tours with locals like Vida (pictured) to learn more about the city.

To celebrate its year as European Capital of Culture, Kaunas has developed a Culture Ride initiative, which allows you to take free car tours with locals like Vida (pictured) to learn more about the city.

This mile-long road is flanked by shops, bars, restaurants and more bakeries than you can shake a baguette at. If you only go to one of these, make it Spurgine.

In operation since the 1970s, it is a local institution. His signature dishes are baseball-sized donuts filled with jam or meat.

I tried a jam, still warm from the oven, and immediately understood why queues often form outside the door of this place.

The Old Town ate up another few hours of my time in Kaunas. The main square is cobbled and framed by cafes, bars and restaurants.

There are 30 street art murals like the one pictured above to study in Kaunas

There are 30 street art murals like the one pictured above to study in Kaunas

Pictured is one of the largest street art murals in Kaunas.  This one is a monument to Jewish poet Lea Goldberg, who lived in the building where the artwork is located.

Pictured is one of the largest street art murals in Kaunas. This one is a monument to Jewish poet Lea Goldberg, who lived in the building where the artwork is located.

Take a guided tour here and you’ll discover dozens of historical sites that are hidden in plain sight, including a few related to the Knygnesiai or Lithuanian book smugglers, who used to smuggle literature into the country when it was banned by Russia between 1866 and 1904.

Strolling along the main street and through the old town you will come across most of the city’s main sights, such as the Church of St. Michael the Archangel with its blue forget-me-not domes and the medieval Kaunas Castle with its wizard- roof in the form of a hat.

There are, however, a few points of interest that you have to leave the immediate center of town to find. Venture over the “Vytautas the Great Bridge” and you will find the Aleksotas funicular. This 1930s railway climbs up the hillside to a lookout point that offers sweeping views of the city.

Finally, the Devil’s Museum, with 3,000 sculptures of devils, deserves a mention. It’s kind of a Marmite place. However, if you like to visit the most unusual museums in the world, this place is on par with Froggyland in Split in terms of craziness.

Kaunas 2022 celebrations will continue throughout the year. For the full program visit the website.

A Guide to Lodging and Lodging in Ohio Amish Country Fri, 19 Aug 2022 15:30:00 +0000

Travelers can immerse themselves in a different way of life by visiting the Amish country of Ohio, located in the northeast corner of the state and mostly centered in and around Holmes County.

While the Amish live simply, tourists can enjoy the choice of accommodation like hotels and hostels with wifi and TVs, or they can rent a cabin or cabin in the woods or live out of their RV in one of the many parks in the area.

Either way, visitors will get used to seeing Amish families riding around in horse-drawn carriages and even plowing their fields with horses. The Amish community arrived in Ohio in the early 19th century, having settled in Pennsylvania a century earlier.


Holmes County, Ohio has the largest population of Amish in the United States, totaling approximately 42% of the population. In Ohio, there are approximately 60,000 Amish, with the main Amish communities being in Berlin, Charm, Fredericksburg, Millersburg, Sugarcreek, Walnut Creek, and Winesburg.

A bit of background: Amish refers to a Protestant group that were originally Mennonites. Jakob Amman founded the group, and the word Amish derives from his name.

Most Amish in Ohio and elsewhere depend on agriculture and do not use cars, telephones or electricity. Visitors will see vast farmland in this area of ​​Ohio, and many family activities for visitors center around agriculture.

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Contemporary hotels and hostels offer modern accommodations

The town of Millersburg offers several lodging choices.

The Berlin Grand Resort has all the comforts of home, including fitness and sports facilities such as a large fitness center with an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna, a tennis court, racquetball and its own movie theatre. Rates start at around $150 per night.

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites is located on the main road, Highway 62, and offers easy access to shopping and dining. The 72-room property is about a mile from historic downtown Millersburg. Room rates start at $137 per night.

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Visitors who prefer a more homely atmosphere can check out Schrock’s Guest House, a newly renovated property within walking distance of the Berlin Antique & Craft shopping malls. Its rates start at $209 per night.

In the nearby town of Sugarcreek, the Dutch Host Inn offers accommodation for around $85 per night. Its furniture is the work of local Amish craftsmen and the property offers modern conveniences.

Park your motorhome and enjoy life in a campground

Travelers arriving in Ohio Amish Country in their own recreational vehicles have several choices of Motorhome parks in rural localities. Most offer multiple sites and full hookup services. Family activities are also available, including swimming, canoeing, hiking and horseback riding.

Scenic Hills RV Park in Millersburg rents sites starting at $40 per night. It has 112 full hookup sites, is pet-friendly, and offers wifi access. Amish stores are a short drive away.

At Baylor Beach Park in Navarre, RV campers can take advantage of the park’s two-acre swimming and water sports lake, where activities include paddle boats and water bikes. The park also has a mini-golf course. Baylor Beach sites are $44 per night, and water sports rentals cost extra.

Comfortable cabins can enhance your visit to Amish country

Cabin and cabin rentals are plentiful in the Ohio Amish Country. In Millersburg, Ferngully Creek offers several cabins that can accommodate both couples and large families. Set in serene woods, the chalets are only a few minutes drive from restaurants, cafes and many shops. The cabins, which start at $275 per night, are built of Michigan white cedar logs and feature gas fireplaces, king-size beds, and Jacuzzi tubs.

Briarwood Cabins, located near Walnut Creek in the heart of Amish country, offers full kitchens, wifi, outdoor hot tubs, TV/DVD, gas grills, and even washer/dryers. Rates start at $209 per night.

Visitors looking to exit the network can choose the Deer Trace Cabin in Dundee. Located deep in the woods, tenants can watch wildlife, relax around a picnic table or fire pit, and play garden games. The hut has a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room and a mezzanine with bunk beds. The rate is $228 per night.

Family activities put agriculture first

Once accommodations are taken care of, tourists can choose from a wide variety of activities, including museum visits and shopping, but because the Amish country of Ohio is all about farms and agriculture, the families can choose to experience the farms up close.

One place to do this is at majestic meadowsa 20-acre farm in Medina that raises alpacas and other animals.

Pastures and open fields are home to 70 alpacas, llamas, miniature cows, horses and donkeys, sheep, goats, two red kangaroos, miniature round-bellied pigs, a camel and a tortoise. A self-guided tour costs $10 per person. The farm also offers a program for children ages 8 to 14 called Farmer For A Day.

Youngsters can learn about the animals through hands-on experience and receive a farm t-shirt to wear and take home. During the program, they will use a two-way radio and learn to communicate and work as a team. The three-hour session costs $100 per child.

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Another way to experience how the Amish live is to join a tour called Tour Yoder’s Amish Home. This Millersburg attraction offers visits to a historic house, barn and school and includes a buggy ride. The cost is $13 for adults and $9 for children. Visitors can pet the farm animals and bring a picnic to enjoy on the property.