Callander guest house owners try to identify portrait of mysterious soldier

A couple who recently bought a historic guesthouse in Callander try to identify the mysterious soldier in a portrait left there.

Donna and Jason Frost moved from Stirling to the town of Trossachs in September to take over the management of Coppice House at Leny Road.

Now they are on a mission to find out who the soldier was featured in a portrait on the property.

The couple launched the question online, but have so far made a blank.

Mr Frost currently serves in the Army with the 51st Scottish Brigade, based at Meadowforth Road in Stirling, but has not been able to identify with certainty the uniform or badge.

Mrs Frost said: “After 11 years of married life in the military, constantly in transit around the world, we decided that we needed a future where we could settle down, where we chose the beautiful city of. Callander.

“On our first visit to the property, the former owner took us to the deserted attic where there was a beautiful portrait of a man in uniform. The owner went on to indicate that this portrait had been found in the basement which had been barricaded.

“Quickly looking at the portrait we were unable to trace the cap badge but believe it to be a WWI era uniform, the portrait was taken by the photographer from Stirling but no other details can be found in the photo.

Donna and Jason Frost hope to identify the mysterious man in the photo

“The soldier now takes pride of place on the upper tier, but due to the military connection we are intrigued as to who the man in the photo is, why was the portrait placed in the basement and what connection did he have with the property? “

The couple are now looking for the property’s former owners and tenants to try to shed light on the identity of the mysterious man.

It is believed that the soldier may be wearing an Australian uniform, but this has not been verified.

Coppice House dates back to 1875 and was built a few years after the opening of the Glasgow-Callander railway line, for the family of a Glasgow physician, and was originally intended for the summer residence of family.

The house retains many of the original Victorian features, such as elaborate plasterwork, high ceilings, and sash and coffer windows.

  • Do you know the man in the portrait or anything about his uniform or badges? If you have any information, contact the Stirling Observer by sending an email to [email protected]

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