Call to use vacant student housing as social housing

He also said that older women were the fastest growing homeless cohort: “This is often the result of DFV [domestic and family violence], pay inequity, little or no retirement or savings, divorce and time spent as unpaid caregivers. “

The NSW Local Government, the top council body, has called on the state to introduce minimum targets of 5-10% social and affordable housing across NSW, and 25% for government-owned land that is developed.

He also urged state and federal governments to urgently invest in crisis housing, including for women and young people, in underserved areas of NSW.

In a submission to the survey, the NSW government acknowledged that housing pressures are increasing the number of people at risk of homelessness and in need of housing assistance, intensifying disadvantages .

He cited a 29 percent increase in priority applicant households on the social housing registry over the past two years. “There are particular affordability issues in the New South Wales region, exacerbated by the movement of COVID-related people out of Sydney to the regions,” he said.

The government released a long-term housing strategy in May, which included “short-term actions” to provide better housing in everything from crisis housing to social and affordable housing and home ownership. .

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