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Marion’s Allison Hasler owns Southern Illinois Vacation Rentals, a company that handles short-term rentals in Jackson and Williamson counties.

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Allison Hasler could best be described as a Southern Illinois cabin janitor.

In a hospitality setting such as a five-star hotel, the concierge is the one who, although employed by the hotel, actually works for the guests – ensuring that their entire experience is exceptional.

As the owner of Southern Illinois Vacation Rentals, resident Marion does just that. Technically, she’s employed by owners of rental cabins, loft apartments, lakefront homes, and short-term rentals throughout the region, but her real focus is on clients who book stays at those homes. .

“In a nutshell, we want to generate as passive income as possible for our real estate investors and landlords,” Hasler explained. “It’s personalized, based on each owner’s goals. Essentially, it’s all about communication with customers, managing cleaning crews, handyman crew and mowing crews and more.

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Essentially, Hasler oversees the day-to-day management of a variety of vacation rental units in the area.

Her efforts to serve both owners and guests grew out of a Lake Kentucky motor yacht charter company she started with her husband Michael in 2015.

“It was as fun as you can imagine, but the logistics got the better of us,” she recalls. “We loved sharing the experiences, but felt there had to be a better way to do it.”

This led to the purchase of a property and the launch of ‘Dam Near Lake of Egypt Cabins’, a set of three short-term rental units.

“We started with these in 2018 and really ended up running the back-end system like a well-oiled machine. I thought we could evolve,” recalls Hasler.

A little over a year later, a friend was looking to sell her own short-term rental located at Lake Egypt. Hasler discovered that the reason for the sale had to do with the landlord not having time to deal with all the management issues of renting out her home, so Hasler suggested that she serve as some kind of co -host, taking on some of the management duties. Adding the property to the “well-oiled machine” worked well and soon Hasler was managing a total of eight short-term rentals.

These partnerships flourished and she continued to add to her portfolio of properties. The business grew faster than expected, leading her to quit her job at the town of Marion last year.

Hasler said she is selective in the properties she manages as part of her vacation rental business in southern Illinois, which now includes 20 short-term rentals, including locations at Lake Egypt as well as several in and near Carbondale and Marion.

“We saw a very clear vision: to provide luxurious, curated and unique vacation rentals to tourists in Southern Illinois,” she said. “We have a very distinct brand and standard of excellence that we want to maintain with every property.”

She maintains this standard by managing all aspects of working with prospective and reserved clients as well as marketing the properties. Hasler takes responsibility for listing rentals not only on its own website, but also through online booking companies such as VRBO, Airbnb, and other niche rental avenues.

She said much of her time was spent communicating with prospective tenants, maintaining all back-end systems, regularly visiting properties to ensure everything was up to her standards and the updating the comprehensive online welcome guide that she shares with guests before they arrive.

“We try to have beyond the amount of communication necessary so that they not only have everything in place when they arrive here and have the best experience as well as all the knowledge they need to enjoy their stay” , she said. .

Hasler said she hopes to continue to grow vacation rentals in southern Illinois.

“We really focus on quality not quantity, but I see an opportunity for growth and I see running 50 properties,” she said.

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